Utah Jazz signs 5 Year Old Leukemia Patient the Game of His Life

Marie Skillern| October 9, 2014

Why We Love Sports Today: 5-Year-Old Utah Jazz Player Dunks

The Utah Jazz signed 5-year-old JP Gibson, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, to a one-day contract for a special scrimmage Monday night.

Famous sports teams are no strangers to giving back to their loyal fans.

And it looks like NBA team Utah Jazz is more than happy to give one of their fans a chance of a lifetime. Five year old J. P. Gibson, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia was signed up to play for the NBA team for one day.

The viral 46 second video sees Gibson playing with fellow Utah Jazz Players.

Donning a green colored jersey with the number one on his back, Gibson was able to play past his bigger opponents before landing a memorable jump for the basket.

Later on, Gisbon was able to stay for the team’ scrimmage and was even able to trounce with Dante Exum and Rodney Hood during the Rookie Dance Off.

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