Using Twitter in Promoting Yourself and Finding Acting Jobs

Holly Bissonnette| January 28, 2014

The Internet has become a crucial tool for promoting yourself, especially if you are looking for acting jobs. You can use it to send out more information about yourself so getting any kind of job that will keep you going will be easier. Social networking has fast become a low-priced alternative to commercial or print advertising. You need to take advantage of this, especially Twitter, to leverage yourself out there.

Twitter allows you 140 characters to share what you have in mind at any given time. You can share what is happening to you as well to people, events or things you care about. You can even tell the whole world what you want most to be in life through the profile page provided by this social networking site.

Another great thing about Twitter is it has a design that is streamlined so it can be accessed from almost anywhere in the globe. Whether you are tweeting through your palm-held device, your laptop or your smartphone, you can share anything through this site almost instantaneously.

With Twitter, you can also use shortened hyperlinks to share not just articles, but also photos, videos and so much more. You can share concise calls to actions through sharing production trailers, audition videos, resumes and headshots through your tweets. Signing up with Twitter is free and easy. They can also be used alongside with other social media sites like Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Live Journal, among others.

Below is a number of easy steps on how to use Twitter in promoting yourself to get acting jobs:

1.   Join Twitter right now.

If you still have not signed up with Twitter, then you should do it now. Do not be intimidated about it. Creating an account on Twitter is just about sharing tidbits of updates about yourself, without giving out too much information, so you won’t have to be afraid of being too open.

2.  Promote yourself by updating it regularly.

There is always something you can share with the world. No matter how small it is, there will always be someone who might find it and you interesting. This is one of the best ways to promote your talent, who you really are and what you want to do most of all, which is to act and find acting jobs. By sharing your innermost self and being honest through sharing your thoughts on Twitter, you can effectively promote yourself.

3. Put your profile out there.

Tom Hanks Twitter Account
Tom Hanks Twitter Account

If you are searching for a convenient and fast way to get your name out there and spread information about what you want and what you wish to be doing, then Twitter will certainly fill that need. Pick a username that best describes who you are. It is even better if you will use your name as you are promoting yourself. This will help you put your profile out there and will mean so much more if people will find you and decide to be among your followers.

In using Twitter, do not use overly complicated words. Remember, you only have 140 characters for your usage. Let your uniqueness and amazing personality shine through, so you can become the professional actor you want to be. Now that you know the basic and simple rules of using Twitter, you can start tweeting your way into finding the acting auditions and acting jobs you wanted so bad.

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