Top Five Best Dance Schools in the United States

Are you looking for the best dance schools across the country that offers high standard training for beginners and professional dancers? Go for the institution that will introduce you to different levels of dancing techniques. Here, we will give you an idea about where to enroll yourself in order to hone your talent and skills in the art of dancing. with the names of the top 5 dance schools worldwide, so you can determine which one suits you best, and they are:

Skidmore College If you have a high interest in modern and ballet dancing, Skidmore College is the one for you.  They are best known for ballet and modern dancing lessons and the offering of historical research and compositional studies into dance’s academic inquiry.

The programs here are classified into different categories and these include Theory, Technique, Western Dance Forms and Workshop/Production. There are around 500 students enrolled in this program and most dancers are taking double majors and study areas as diverse as business and government.

You can enroll in this program without any auditions needed as long as you provide them your 250-500 personal essay on a school-given topic. The best thing about this program is that guest artists are always invited to be part of them through giving lectures, workshops and performances.

Juillard Dance Schools If you want to get modern dance and classical ballet training with a diploma in liberal arts or without liberal arts requirement, Julliard Dance is the right place for you. The department has such programs as the BFA undergraduate program that comes with or without requirements for liberal arts. They also offer a program that focuses on modern dance and classical ballet with the best choreographers and teaching staff.

Approximately 24 students are accepted into the program, with all of them joining in 15 public performances every year.  Aspiring students who wish to enroll in this program are required to submit their a maximum of two pages on an essay topic given by the school, a video for pre-screening that contains an introductory section as well as sections on your performance and technique. Their online application must also be included. Shortlisted students are usually asked to audition for entry into the programs.

Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts For students who wants to focus on the intersection of dance performance and research inquiry, then the Mason Gross School of the Arts has the program that you might be looking for. It is just 45 minutes away from Rutgers University’s New Brunswick campus in New York City. Students here learn theoretical studies, pedagogy, somatic studies, dance techniques, performance and choreography.

The dance department has received accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Dance. It offers a B.A. ub dance, B.F.A in dance performance, a five-year Ed.M/B.F.A, a dance minor and a state certified or non-state certified Ed. M. in dance education.

Those who wish to become students of Mason Gross are asjed to submit their fee and application through the university. They also need to send in their interview, audition or portfolio to show off their talents in dance or arts.

Orbin College and Conservatory The school’sdance program is focuses in producing well trained dance students that have centered their studies on four contexts and these are somatic studies, critical inquiry, creation and performance as well as physical techniques. Students have the option to personalize their studies as well as the choice of studying a combination of dance and theatre for their major on interdisciplinary performance.

Students who want to major in dance should seek the approval of a faculty member in the dance department, who is then to become the advisor of that student. Dance major students should be enrolled in all of the four contexts of study and take classes that will help them focus on their major as well.

Students who likes to enrol in this program will only be required to fill out a common application, answer supplemental questions and write an essay on a topic provided by the college.

University of California in Berkeley They are best known for having a program that centers on dance practice and scholarship. Dance students are encouraged to view their field as a way for creative expression, public engagement and critical inquiry.

Dance theory, history, choreography and advanced techniques on dance are included in their program. In order to make dance as a major, a student must pass two required classes in performance studies and modern dance. They also have a five-year graduate program. Students must submit their application online and this should include their personal essay that comes with a school provided prompt. The schools listed above will provide you the best education where dance is concerned. If you want to be well-rounded in studying dance and you also wish to improve on your techniques and strength as a dancer, then you choosing one of the five will be very beneficial for you. Dancing Video Tip With Laila Ali: