Top Acting Audition Tips for 2014 According to Yoda

Aspiring actors may not know this, but the best acting audition tips suited for them will depend on the roles they will be trying out for. If they are auditioning for a Baz Luhrmann movie maybe they can start working on the lines of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet weeks before the audition. But, if it is Star Wars we are talking about, then they should be in for a whole different level of acting. Disney recently conducted a nationwide open call for major roles for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII film. For aspiring actors and fans, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity no one could definitely pass up. But like any audition, a talent aspiring to be cast on one of the greatest movie franchises of all time needs to prepare the right way to get the right kind of attention from the casting director. Here are some of the top acting tips that aspiring talents can use when auditioning for epic movies such as Star Wars:
  • Always read the casting announcement carefully. Casting notices specify the qualities they are looking for in an actor. These qualities include the actor’s ethnicity, personality, age and several other physical attributes. If the actor does not have it, they will definitely not be considered for the part. To avoid being embarrassed or ridiculed during acting auditions, the actor should skip the roles they do not qualify for. It is a chance of a lifetime, but if they are in their 40s and the role is for a teenager, then there is no way they will ever be considered for it.
  • Never mistake it for a Star Wars convention. Dressing up as Darth Vader or Yoda does not guarantee an actor the role. These auditions are for real acting jobs where only the most capable actors are cast. They should come in with utmost professionalism and preparation. No creepy costumes and no geeky Star Wars stuff required.
  • Ask questions about the character. If the directions are not clear or the roles are too vague for the actor, they should ask the producers and directors more about it. Star Wars is a highly fictional movie. The scenes and the roles created for it are figments of the director’s mind. For them to deliver their characters well, it will definitely not hurt if they ask what is expected of them during the audition.
  • Leave sound effects to sound editors. If an actor is planning to make it sound more realistic using mouth noises, they better think twice. This will definitely not guarantee them a spot on the Casting Director’s shortlist. Instead, it will only land them on the “weird list” or “never contact them” list.
  • The Casting Director’s decision is final. Actors should never attempt to pull up Jedi mind tricks on the Casting Director because that will never work. Like any other acting audition, rejections are common and an actor should know how to take it lightly.
  • Be prepared for more stereotypical roles. Once an actor gets cast in a major role for a movie with a great following like Star Wars, it will be hard for them to break away from their role in the movie.  Movie offers will become less and they will be cast in more roles within the same genre even if the actor has so much more to offer.
These tips along with much dedication and determination will make an audition for a coveted role pretty easy for an aspiring actor whether it is for Star Wars or something else. Like what Yoda said, “A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind”. None of these top acting audition tips could ever be useful if no aspiring actor will start to dream and start fulfilling those dreams.