Top 17 Hilarious Celebrity Photo Bombs

Marie Skillern| April 13, 2015


Many celebrities are known for their body of work, both on and off the camera. For a number of them, their achievements outside the realm of the entertainment industry have gained equal, if not more, recognition as their work in front of the camera. And, majority of these non-cinematic work, usually involve humanitarian efforts.

But, if you think that Hollywood personalities are all serious and no fun, then you have not seen them do some really hilarious photo bombing antics. Showing the lighter side of anybody’s character, photo bombing is described as an accidental or purposeful act of putting oneself on the photographer’s line of sight or right next to the subject of a photo.

Although the term gained popularity in 2009 along with the technological advancements of this day and age, photo bombing has actually existed throughout the history of photography.

As photo bombing is all the rage now, here are several of the most hilarious celebrity photo bombs done by your very own favorite celebrities:


1. Even Sherlock Holmes knows how to have fun!


2. Taylor Swift better watch out for J-Law.


3. There’s nothing stopping Neil Patrick Harris from literally spreading the love.


4. Jennifer Lawrence has got some serious photo bombing skills. Here’s another epic one from her.


5. Looks like Jared Leto certainly has something to celebrate about.


6. Queen B might just be the queen of photo bombing with this epic one!


7. Look who is happier as this happy couple!


8. Johnny Depp certainly didn’t mind having his picture taken.


9. Looks like Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black are hogging some spotlight of their own.


10. Lucky tourists!


11. It looks like this photo is missing someone.


12. Lady Gaga definitely topped the creepy department with this photo bomb!


13. Looks like Zac Efron was not too happy about not being part of this photo.


14. Meet the dynamic duo of Breaking Bad.


15. Looks like Thor’s having fun with Iron Man! Well, sort of.


16. Have you ever seen so many good looking gentlemen in one photo?


17. Simon Pegg certainly knows how to bring the action better that Tom Cruise here.

There is definitely one thing that these photo bombs suggest and this is how celebrities can get their funnies on and ride in the waves of today’s trend. And, as you can see, it is not surprising how a number of them manages to do some serious photo bombing with style.




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