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Top 15 Dancing Jobs in the Entertainment Industry

Marie Skillern| February 5, 2015

Just because you have a talent in dancing doesn’t mean you can land   just any dancing jobs in the industry. With these different types, it is difficult to match your talent. Thus, you need to learn not just a few, but a lot of information as far as your job is concerned.

Keep in mind that these different dancing jobs have different requirements. In other words, becoming a choreographer requires having skills and talents that cater to group of dancers. On the other hand, fitness dance instructors are required to have enough level of energy to teach and at the same time, lead in a series of aerobic dance lessons. Not to mention, it would also require a special certificate prior to become an instructor.

1. Ballroom Dancing

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The term ‘ball’ in ballroom dancing comes from a latin word, ‘ballare’ which means ‘to dance’. Think about a collective word for the following dances, Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, ChaCha, Rumba, Mambo, East Coast Swing, Bolero, Quickstep, Jive, Viennese, and Samba. This is what ballroom dancing is all about.

Whether it is a competition or a social performance, ballroom dancing is the type of dance job that enables you to enjoy your nature of work. At this point, you can imagine what work would be like where you would enjoy the things you are doing. Take note that each dance is supposed to be performed in pairs or in sequential forms.

In the meantime, when you talk about competitive ballroom dancing, the first thing that would come to mind is ‘dancesport’. Consider it quite challenging when you dive into this kind of opportunity. You will have to follow on the standards prepared for the competition itself.


  • Dancing feet
  • Good talent and skills
  • Competitive
  • Willing to learn new dance steps
  • Understands well about the career

Ballroom dancing has continuously been enjoyed by men and women in the nightclubs, dancing schools, and even in dancing studios across the US. Most of them have realized that this kind of job can pave way to meet new friends and keep your body fit and healthy as well.

2. Jazz Dancing

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Did you know that jazz dancing plays a huge role in Broadway and in musical theaters? If you want to pursue a career from here, you have to understand that you need to be lively and energetic as you go with the fast tempo.

Jazz dancing is influenced by ballet and other styles such as hip-hop and other forms of contemporary dance steps. In short, it’s informal, yet an energetic dance form. Simply put a dance that requires a level of energy to go with the tempo and beat.


  • Physically fit. Keep in mind that jazz dance is physically demanding. This simply means, dance steps include huge leaps, not to mention, high kicks. Thus, your mid-section has to be strong. Think of it as your ‘center control’.
  • Dedication
  • Focus
  • High level of energy to pump the beat and tempo.

The King and I and West Side Story are just a few of the musical theaters that demand jazz dancing jobs. And even through time, it has never lost its style and techniques. Although there are new ones, but overall, jazz dancing still continues to be on demand in the entertainment industry.

3. Tap dancing jobs

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Okay, so you have the tap dancing shoes. These are the shoes that contain the metal plates on the ball and on the heel of the shoes. Perhaps, you are ready take a career as a tap dancer.

The purpose of having these metal plates on your shoes is to create a sound while you dance. The moment you tap, hit, and slid your shoes on the floor, a percussive sound will be created.

Tap dancers are partly musicians too, you know. It may sound complex, but you have to take note that you can produce music while you tap dance.


  • Quick to learn new dance steps and make up combinations from there.
  • Desire to be successful in this kind of career.
  • Exceptional tap dancing talent.
  • Knows how to combine dance and music at the same time.

4. Salsa dancing jobs

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It may sound odd, but the word salsa comes from a Cuban word which means ‘sauce’. So, how in the world did it become a dance? Think about a spicy flavor added to the dance. That’s how salsa dancing came to be.

Just as ballroom dancing, this is a partner dance. However, unlike in ballroom, salsa is performed with an Afro-Cuban rhythm with a core groove combined with the conga drum. You can imagine how the couple dances on the floor taking advantage of the techniques and unique style.

There are a few dance jobs in Los Angeles that enable a potential dancer strut his/her styles. Yes, there are different salsa dancing styles.

  • Cuban – The kind of salsa which is danced in circular motion going through the 3 points:
  1. Cali Salsa
  2. Columbian Style
  3. Rueda de Casino
  • Havana – During this time, dancers no longer dance in a circular motion, but they move in and out of the circle as they switch their partners.
  • New York Style
  • Los Angeles Style

You may be recognizing these different dancing salsa styles, but they all boil down to one – emphasizing a particular beat within the music itself. Not to mention the similarity of the footwork.


  • Must dance with a partner or a group of dancers.
  • Open to the different dancing styles and can perhaps, improve a step or two.
  • Good footwork.
  • Passion for the job.

5. Ballet

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If you think the dancing stage for ballet dancers would only be filled with tutus, think again. There’s more to this extremely high performance dance. You can imagine combining a high technical and a physically demanding job at once.

Ballet originated in the 15th century during the Italian Renaissance. Later, it became popular in France and has developed. Further, before it made its way to the United States, the dance was developed in Russia and England.

Although there is quite a number of NYC dance jobs that has been offered, many are still dreaming to land in this kind of job. This is one of the reasons such ballet schools have sprouted. Perhaps, these people want to develop strength and grace.


  • Physically and technically balance
  • Well-developed coordination
  • Versatile
  • Excellent in executing dance steps.

6. Hip Hop dancing jobs

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Most people who are into hip hop music take advantage of the summer dance jobs that offer hip hop dancing. Just as how the lyrics to these songs are, complex yet exceptional, so are the dance steps of this kind of job.

Although most of the dancing jobs demand physically, fun never fail to add flavor to this kind of job. As a matter of fact, there are dance battles that occur in some areas across the country. Each group battles and shows off their own hip hop dance styles.

Popping indicates the sudden pause of the movement. This is also known as the quick contraction, followed by a quick release which in turn allows the body to pop or hit. Along with the number of dynamic techniques, the job would require the dancer to be primarily fit and at the same time create an impressive acrobatic description.


  • Physically fit and in good shape.
  • Knows how to follow new dancing techniques and adopt it.
  • Performs with balance
  • Dedication and focus on the job.

7. Modern Dancing

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Following the popularity of ballet, modern dancing was born. During the early 20th century, people felt their passion in dancing was trapped in the different dance styles. In other words, their dance moves, steps, and styles were limited.

Dancers wanted to move freely. They wished to express their love for dancing through their own style and techniques. This is where modern dancing comes in.


  • Freely expresses his/her emotions through his/her dance steps and techniques.
  • Full knowledge of the job.
  • Has the ability to develop a step or move out of the different styles that are limited.

Over the years, modern dancing has evolved. People have developed their own style and technique. Their specific movements allow the audience to understand the message they are trying to deliver.

8. Pole dancing jobs

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Consider the pole dancing job a unique career in the industry. Believe it or not, this type of job began humbly as an entertainment in strip clubs. Now, people have recognized it and found interest in this dance style that they are taking advantage of it in fitness and entertainment.

This is a combination of the art of dancing, gymnastics and acrobatics. Whether or not you add it with the sensual side, pole dancing can always create a great performance. Although dancing skills are essential in whatever type of dancing job, keep in mind that you can pursue your dreams in this kind of career when you have the edge.

Pole dancers can either dress in their sensual costumes paired with their stiletto heels, not to mention a perfectly fit body to perform excellent flexible moves.


  • Perfectly fit body. Upper body strength is required as you grasp the pole with even one hand. Moreover, you can also spin over the axis and perform a unique move or two.
  • Knowledge on the different dancing styles and techniques.
  • Enjoys the job and lives with it.
  • Confident
  • Focus and Dedication

Most pole dancers enjoy shopping for their clothing and costumes. There are times where your props can improve your performance as you feel confident expressing yourself through the dancing styles.

9. Zumba

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Did you know that Zumba was only created by accident? One day, a trainer named, ‘Beto’ Perez who is a native in Cali, Colombia forgot to bring his music at his aerobic class. He was left with no other options, but to grab any kind of music.

To his surprise, it was a combination of the music he grew up with. Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, and reggaeton were a few to mention was in the music list. The entire class enjoyed all of it. And that was how zumba came to be.


  • Enough knowledge on the job.
  • Must be physically fit and ready to perform the dance steps and techniques
  • Desire to share the dance to everyone.
  • Passion

10. Belly dancing jobs

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This dance originated in the Middle East and in some parts of North Africa. Consider this a female dance focusing on the belly dancing techniques. This used to be the ‘dance of the country’ performed during festive occasions, weddings, and other events.

Just as any other type of dancing, belly dancing can be associated with improving a healthy and fit body. In short, as the entire body is used, the core strength, not to mention grace and style in dancing are being developed.


  • If you want to consider a dance teaching job in NYC, you will need a few lessons in order to master the dance techniques and styles.
  • Must know how to enjoy while performing the kind of art of dancing.
  • Understands the fun part of a belly dancing – costumes, dancing styles, not to mention the pay that enables you to pay the rent and groceries. (for Belly Dance instructors)

11. dancing Instructor jobs

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First of all, you have to understand what a dance instructor does. This isn’t any ordinary kind of teaching job; it is beyond what you expect. Your responsibility is to teach the proper dance techniques and styles. Thus, not just verbal instructions, but physical demonstrations are needed.

Moreover, dance instructors are asked to create a curriculum. This should enable the students to look forward on the coming lessons, and at the same time check on their progress. Dance instructors are hired to lead their students and inspire them to accomplish their goals as well.


  • Knows how to monitor his/her student’s progress.
  • Motivates his/her students to reach goals.
  • Physically fit
  • Perfectly performs the dance steps and techniques.
  • Have attended enough training.

These days, a number of dance studios have popped across the country. This only proves the number of people who desire to learn how to dance. To these people, dance has become their way of life.

12. Dance Fitness Instructor

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A combination of fitness and the love for dancing, this is the job of a  dance fitness instructor. Believe it or not, this kind of job allows you to have the best body you can imagine. In other words, dance fitness instructors are gifted that they are able to modify an exercise activity into dance step.

Keep in mind that these instructors are paid well. As a matter of fact, their salary is enough to pay off the bills, groceries, and rent. He/She must have a complete and legal training prior to becoming a dance fitness instructor.

Consider this a fulfilling job anyone can obtain. Other than you have encouraged someone’s life to be improved and be transformed into having a healthy body. It is a tool that motivates people to take care of their bodies.


  • Loves to work with people.
  • Attends to several workshops that will improve and develop new techniques and styles in the dancing realm.
  • Knows how to perform in front of people.

13. Dance Choreographer

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Keep in mind that the lifeblood of any dance group is its dance choreographer. Choreography means two words – ‘dancing’ and ‘writing’. A choreographer’s main job is to design a series of dance techniques and moves. There are times where they have to translate a certain song into dancing.

If you want to land in this kind of job, you can always work in dance companies, theaters, film and other places where your talent is needed. Dancing jobs in cruise ships hire choreographers to train and practice performers while on board.

Before you become a dance choreographer, you will have to be a professional writer. In short, they should have enough ideas to create new dance steps, styles, and technique. Dance choreographers are given the option to work in a dance company or work in the film, music videos, movies, or commercials.


  • Creative with regard to new steps and techniques
  • Physically good and talented body.
  • Responsible in creating different designs

14. Professional Dancer

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Prior to becoming a dance choreographer, being a professional dancer is a stepping stone. In other words, no matter the type of dancing job you want to land with, you will need to become a professional dancer. This is your ticket to get the job you want to have.

You have to admit, training at a younger age can greatly help build a solid dancing foundation. It allows you to prepare for the career you have been dreaming. Professional dancers are strong performers.

A potential dancer will have to work his/her way in order to reach the top. If he/she needs to sign up on singing studios, you possibly can. All it takes is to be dedicated with the job and be passionate with it.


  • Keeping in top shape
  • Pass during the auditions
  • Enough knowledge and skills. After all, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your job if you know nothing about it.
  • Dedication and Passion

15. Dance Educator

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Dance educators usually stay in the office. They enjoy teaching their students. In fact, this is the kind of job where you combine the love of kids and teaching them, and at the same time, dancing.

They work in schools. They are a group of seekers of a teaching employment in the different schools. Although there some teaching opportunities out there, it is still crucial to understand what your job really is. Or else, you will never be able to function.


  • Enough certification and training to become a dance educator
  • Develop your student’s dancing skills and talents
  • Physically fit for the job.

If you want to become a dance educator, it is vital to have an extensive training before you become one. Keep in mind that this kind of job is a long term goal.

Dancing is all about passion.

Whatever you do, once you have the passion, everything else will follow. It’s all about enjoying your job while you fulfill your dreams that can be too difficult to achieve.

Remember, not everyone is given the ability to make a step or two in dancing. Rather, what is important is to live your dreams and reach your goals.

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