Top 10 Movies to Look Forward to in January 2015

Marie Skillern| January 13, 2015

A week has passed and you know exactly what you have been missing. We’re still on the first month of the year and the list of the upcoming movies is filled with good stuff.

You know you can’t just pick on whatever movie you feel watching. 2015 starts off with great films to look forward to. To start with, let’s bring on the top movies this January.

# 1: Taken 3 (January 9th)

Taken 3
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The former government operative agent has nothing more, but to protect his family. Liam Neeson is back. As the government haunts him down, prepare to start counting on the number of cadavers he racked up. If you have followed “Taken” and “Taken 2”, Bryan Mills will blow your mind on the 3rd series.

# 2: The Boy Next Door (January 23rd)

The Boy Next Door
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Jennifer Lopez was in the spotlight with her dress during the 2015 Golden Globe Awards Night. In this film, she will be on hot seat as she plays the role of Claire Peterson, a high school teacher who began to have an affair with her next door neighbor, who is a student. As he becomes obsessed with her, not just her life, but her family is at stake.

# 3: Blackhat (January 16th)

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Just in time on the release of “The Interview”, not to mention the recent story of the Sony hack, this movie is about how we cope with our fear of vulnerability. Chris Hemsworth, a trained hacker, along with technology, will have to deal with all the possibilities of getting the world in danger and bringing it back to how it was.

# 4: American Sniper (January 16th)

American Sniper
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You wouldn’t want to miss Bradley Cooper in a film directed by Clint Eastwood as he shows his most impressive performance. He plays the highest body count ever recorded in the US military history, Navy Seal sniper. The story begins as he returns home from his tour in Iraq.

# 5: Strange Magic (January 23rd)

Strange Magic
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This animated film is about a story of two enchanted worlds that were apart after one of them crossed the line. Strange magic will come alive this month.

# 6: Selma (January 9th)

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People wouldn’t be surprised if Selma would bring home awards at the Oscars. You can imagine, from the actors to the director himself, there wouldn’t be any reason the film would not be considered.

# 7: Black Sea (January 23rd)

Black Sea
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The action and thrilling scenes begins when Jude Law, a two time Oscar awards nominee, along with a group of submariners who searches at the bottom of the ocean a $182 million of gold. As they battle through the waves, they will have to fight for their shares of the treasure.

# 8: Inherent Vice (January 9th)

Inherent Vice
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Joaquin Phoenix does it again as this film which is set in the 1970. The story begins as he tries to solve a mystery of his ex-girlfriend.

# 9: Mortdecai (January 23rd)

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The chameleon in Hollywood is back. Johnny Depp plays as Charlie Mortdecai who goes with an adventure with Gwyneth Paltrow. They have to recover that stolen painting that might be a link to the lost bank account which contains a huge amount of money.

# 10: Project Almanac (January 30th)

Project Almanac
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To end the month, this film is just one of those movies where the studio thinks there has something about this. However, there is no stopping now. People are entitled to their own opinion.

This movie may need a pillow while you’re watching, but the audience has a choice whether or not they would time travel with the actors.

thoes were the movies to look out for this January 2015 Check out the trailers while you wait:

Project Almanac

Taken 3

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