Tales of an Everyday Hero: Michigan Cop Buys Baby Seat for Mom

Holly Bissonnette| October 8, 2014
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The photo of a Michigan cop together with a mom and her young daughter has gone viral. The cop has been hailed a hero.

And no, this is not the typical scene that would involve Superman, just like in the movies.

This photo has revealed a rather touching story about the unsung heroes of our very own community.

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The story started when Emmett Township Public Safety officer Ben Hall received a dispatch call that of a young child spotted with no booster seat inside a car. Hall found the 5-year old in the backseat while mother Alexis DeLorenzo was in the car’s passenger seat with a friend who was driving the said vehicle.

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In an interview with 31 ABC News, Hall explained that the mother was aware that her daughter was not in a booster seat and how she could not get the said item from her car that was repossessed.

Federal state would require law enforcers to eventually issue a ticket for violation.

But, Hall did something that could even give Superman a run for his own money.

Hall eventually invited the two to a local Walmart and purchased a $50 car seat from his own pocket.

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“I pulled one of them off the shelf and the little girl ran up to it and hugged it and said, ‘I love this one,’ so the decision was made by her,” Hall said during an interview.

Michigan Cop Buys Car Seat for Mom
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The very appreciative mother asked her friend to take a photo of her and Hall, which unbeknownst to the officer was also taken by a Walmart employee, who posted it on the social media website, Facebook.

Michigan cop Hall said, “What I did was for that young child and to help out the mother.”

Michigan Cop buys Mom Car Seat
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DeLorenzo posted on her Facebook account that her family has been undergoing some serious financial problems and was more than happy to thank the kind officer for his help. She wrote on her Facebook page:

“PSO Hall was going out of his way to help my family, and I will be forever grateful. And as soon as I can afford it I will be paying forward.”

It is reported that Hall is assisting DeLorenzo in retrieving the items from her repossessed car.

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