Single Mom’s Viral Lullaby Video Landed Her a Record Deal

Kathryn Whitworth| April 11, 2015


Last year, Kimberly Henderson recorded herself singing a lullaby to her youngest child using her phone. She sang a Whitney Houston song to her baby, which surprisingly went viral and resulted in her landing a major record deal.

Kimberly first got pregnant at the age of 16 and is currently raising four kids as a single mom. Although she attended nursing school, she always had a passion for music and always made time to perform.

According to her, the traditional lullabies did not really work for her child Vaida. So, she decided to sing popular tracks by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. And, one night in December 2014, she performed a powerful Sam Smith rendition of Whitney’s song How Will I Know.

Because her version was so good, her sister suggested for her to share it on Facebook, where it accumulated more than 20 million views. She also uploaded the video on YouTube, where it got over four million views.

But, before she became famous, Kimberly and Vaida were involved in a car accident, wherein she obtained injuries. Thankfully, her baby escaped unscathed. At that time, Vaida was placed in a car seat made by Cosco Kids. After she uploaded the video, the company contacted her, asking her to partner with them in filming her first official single Tiny Hearts.

She said, “They flew me out to LA. They paid for everything, my hotel, my plane. They were really inspired by my story”.

Since then, she’s really come a long way. She already has a manager, Susan Markheim, and she is in talks with major recording labels and publishing companies. Recently, she also received an invitation to New York to speak with potential sponsors. She is currently making appearances on various outlets of media, including television.

Even with her newfound fame, Kimberly still cannot believe everything and she has this to say about it:

“It’s almost unbelievable. I’ve always been a singer, I’ve always sung to my daughter, and I’ve always wanted this, but for it to come from just a simple video I made on my phone of me singing to my kid, it’s absolutely nuts.”

Watch Kimberly Henderson’s story here:




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