A Second Look at Super Bowl Commercials 2014

Kathryn Whitworth| February 6, 2014

The Super Bowl commercials are a time-honored annual tradition. Many viewers have no interest in the game itself, or in football at all. They only watch for the ads. The Super Bowl being one of the most viewed televised events in the world, advertisers consider it the highlight of their year if they can reserve and afford an advertising time slot.

Super Bowl commercials are the ultimate forum for the companies and producers behind the ads to show off their products and their creative prowess. This is the time and place for modeling their very best work. The TV spots are not only aboutsubstance, but about style as well.

According to the Huffington Post, there are certain expectations every year for the commercials. The audience wants a mix of charming, shocking, funny, and controversial fare. The 2014 season presented excellent proportions of each.

There is normally one direction that the bulk of the ads lean toward. This year it was cute and heartwarming, most notably Budweiser’s “Puppy Love.” But there were plenty of laughs and controversy as well. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle, and some commercial models appeared in a comical Bud Light advertisement and Scarlett Johansson’s SodaStream endorsement stirred up some controversy.

All in all, Super Bowl 2014 saw a successful run of commercials that served to intrigue a gigantic audience. A great tradition continues.

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