‘Rogue’ Casting and Hiring for Various Roles and Crew

Holly Bissonnette| April 29, 2015


Producers are in immediate demand of numerous talents to complete the cast members of their new series, entitled Rogue.

Rogue tells the tale of people with supergenes who went rogue in their effort to gather people of their kind outside the military camp confinement and crush the government organization that created them.

Casting directors are seeking for a 10-year-old talent to be cast as the young Evelyn, a biracial mutant; while they seek for a young talent to play Sarah, Evelyn’s childhood friend. Also, they want to cast a female in her 30s to portray Evelyn’s mother, Ms. Green.

On the other hand, they are looking for a male talent in his 20s to play the immortal FBI agent Darren. You must be able to wear green contacts if you want the role.

Clare Doubly is a 14-year-old prisoner with violet-colored eyes, and they need someone for the part. Applicant should have no problems wearing contact lenses for the scenes.

In addition, producers are also scouting for a male actor to depict the part of Fox, the smart and sensitive rogue prisoner who has the ability to ignite a fire through his hands. You must be in your 20s to qualify.

Those from the ages of 20 to 60 are sought for the role of Jackson, an FBI agent enforcer; while they are also searching for a 20-year-old actor to be cast as Lance, one of the rogue prisoners and has a tough and straightforward personality. He shares chemistry with Evelyn.

Another role that needs to be filled is the part of Nurse. She has the amazing ability to put broken pieces back together. You must be at least 20 or at most 69 years of age.

A male or female talent is also needed to be a newscaster. They will only be using your voice in an upcoming scene.

Casting directors require a male talent of any ethnicity to act as a victim in a scene. You must be attractive and has green-colored eyes. If you don’t possess green eyes, you must be willing to wear contact lenses.

Meanwhile, a slot for the roles of Supergene Boy and Supergene Woman are open. The boy must be 6–12 years old. You will be portraying someone who has the ability to make his tears spray like a sprinkler when he cries. The woman, however, must be 20–60 years old. You will depict a female with supergene who screams like a banshee, producing an ear-splitting sound that can send people to their knees due to the pain.

Actresses of any ethnicity, who are willing to act as escorts for the show, are encouraged to apply. Also, male and female talents who want to play the part of rogues are welcomed.

They are also searching for 18- to 60-year-old people to be assembled as a group of big and strong-looking masked men.

Lastly, an infant Evelyn Green will be featured in the first scene, and they need a newborn for the role.

If you are interested to join the cast, simply click the ‘Apply for This Job’ button below.

Make sure to apply on or before May 7, 2015, as they will start the production on May 16, 2015.



‘Rogue’ Casting and Hiring for Various Roles and Crew

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On another note, they are now hiring crew members to aid in the production of the series, which include assistant director, second assistant director, camera operator, first assistant camera operator, second assistant camera operator, key grip, gaffer, on-set editor, boom operator, special FX artist, and set designer.

Click the ‘Apply for This Job’ button underneath to file in your applications, and find out more about the job.

Submissions will only be accepted until May 7, 2015.



‘Rogue’ Now Hiring Crew Members

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