Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Has New Season Premiere Twist

Kathryn Whitworth| January 21, 2014

The New series from the Entertainment Network (E!) entitled “#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” had part two of its premiere on Monday night, and it has people talking, and doing a lot of laughing as well. Much of the behavior and events of the reality TV show cast was as expected, but there was one quite unpredictable turn. One of the stars, Roxy, actually got cut off by her parents!

As the title suggests, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills is a reality TV show that centers around some wealthy young socialites acting out in the prestigious Beverly Hills region of Southern California. The reality TV auditions must have been looking for the stereotypical aristocratic Beverly Hills youths. The Huffington Post reports that some reviews for the new series are fairly positive, as it seems to have a certain charm. The cast tend to be extremely ditzy, neurotic, and materialistic, but also a bit self-aware and able to laugh at themselves. Monday night’s episode was no exception. The cast members went shopping, took “selfies” around town, got their nails done, etc. but a surprise came when star Roxy visited her aunt and got some shocking news from her parents. She is now cut off from their financial support as far as her large expenditures go. She will still be provided with shelter, food, and everyday spending money, but no  more extravagant purchases.

Roxy was disappointed of course, and resigned to the fact that she may miss out on some activities with her friends, but she was a good sport about it in the end. Her friends also showed their support for her plight.

The episode ended on a happy note as the cast had a pool party and, of course, took plenty of poolside pics. There are sure to be plenty more laughs and surprises from the “#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.


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