Plus-Size Modeling Tips- How to Look Your Best in Photographs

Kathryn Whitworth| January 12, 2015

If you are an aspiring plus-size model and you want to look good in your photos, one of the things that could help is following some of the tips provided by the professionals in the industry. If you have noticed, professional plus-sized models always seem to look good regardless of which angle their photos were taken.


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However, you have to know that they would never achieve this seeming perfection without hard work. They also have an arsenal of secrets that they strictly observe.

So, if you wish to be like these models you idolize so much, below are the tips and tricks you might like to follow and apply to your own photo shoots:


1. Think happy thoughts.

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This is probably the best way to convey a pleasant expression on your face. Think of a happy memory or any of your favorite moments with someone special. Genuine thoughts of happiness can help a person give out a genuine smile and attain a sense of calm.


2. Work on your facial expressions.

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If you think you have thin lips, try to part them slightly to create an illusion of fullness to them. If you have a round face, it might help not to face the camera straight on. Instead, turn your head slightly to the side to create a slightly angular appearance to your features.


3. Use your signature smile.

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Famous TV personalities are easily remembered because of their smiles and their poses. So, make sure you have photos where you give out your best pleasing smile.

Don’t think this is easy to accomplish. It takes time a lot of practice for you to get that signature smile and be able to produce it at any time.


4. Keep it simple.

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When you smile or even when you do gestures or poses, be sure to keep it simple, unless you are instructed otherwise. You have to look relaxed and comfortable, whether in your smile, in your pose or in your actions.

It will also help if you stand up straight and try arching your back a bit. This is the simplest posture you could give out, but it is also one of the hardest to maintain.


5. Use proper lighting.

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The secret to looking good in photos also has something to do with proper lighting. This will only apply though if you are the one taking the photos yourself.

Remember, lights should always complement your face. Use complementary lighting evenly on top of the forehead and at the bottom of the chin.


6. Embrace your flaws.

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Each person has his own flaws. But, this should not be regarded as a bad side. Instead, it has to be used wisely so that people will remember you. Don’t waste time thinking of what possible poses could hide your flaws. Remember that you don’t have a bad side.


7. Give emphasis to your silhouette.

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There is a possibility that you will merge with the background if you don’t adjust your pose, especially when you are seated. You have to sit up straight so as to lengthen your torso. By doing this, the camera can capture your best silhouette.


8. Wear the right clothes.

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If you are wise enough in choosing your clothes, you would look a bit different. Sometimes, clothing can impact your overall appearance. Clothes that have darker tones make you look slim. Horizontal stripes could make your waist appear wider that they really are.


9. Do not just hang your hands.

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Hanging your hands at the side is really awkward. Instead, try putting your hands on the hips so as to accentuate your waist. With this, people will have the perception that you look slimmer. Aside from that, this would make you look more natural.


10. Wear appropriate makeup.

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Makeup can make or break the result of the photo. If you don’t want the light to reflect on your face, avoid using concealer and foundation that contain SPF. If possible, use a matte finish on the face. Also, the lights will not mess up with some portions of the face, such as lips and cheeks. Do not be scared to apply heavier makeup here.


The most important tip that you have to keep in mind is to have fun. Do not hide your flaws and imperfections. Instead, you have to embrace and love all of it. Try and reinvent yourself so as to bring out the best in you. As long as you are confident about yourself, you will then realize that you don’t really need these modeling tips because you are already amazing.

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