Picking Out an Acting Audition to Pursue

Holly Bissonnette| September 24, 2013

There are lots of acting auditions that you never knew as a new artist. Find out how to pick out which acting type and acting audition type that fits you. You will never go wrong if you choose options which can be of your advantage. If you are eager to know about all of these, then brace yourself and read on to know more.

Which Audition to Look For

First off, you need to start with your age, sex and acting level. Age because you need to find out which auditions fit you most. For kids up to the young adolescents, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon suits them most. Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and other family-oriented channels are lined up by children and parents just to get a spot at a TV series. For men, action movies are absolutely preferred because of the tedious work. If you are a drama major, then you’ll absolutely get more roles in TV series or movie productions that offer heavy drama.

The next thing that you will have to remember is your talent and acting genre. Some actors just want to do comedy, while others want to get into action movies. There are also those who prefer to try all of the acting auditions that they can. If you are a beginner, you simply have to make a choice. After you’ve picked out an acting genre, you can already shift to doing what’s out of your comfort zone.

All of those who had their first to fifth year in the industry have major adjustments in terms of acting jobs. Getting the right job at the right time requires pure luck. Patience is really required for anyone who wants to get their big break in acting. Of course, doing excellent in your craft all the time truly matters. If you have already been to lots of acting auditions and get most of the roles, your goal will be to land on a ‘principal’ role. For sure, the chance will come along the way if you will not give up. Keep on getting acting auditions that you want to pursue in acting.

You also have to note that there are lots of audition types to look forward to. If you have only been to Open Auditions, learn that there are few more to choose from. They are the Private Audition, Recall and Screen Test.

Open Auditions are made for any interesting parties to attend. They are always advertised in any means including TV, radio, newspaper and the internet.

Private Auditions are contrast to the usual open castings and auditions. These are usually given by casting directors who already have someone on their mind for a specific role. If you have a private audition, you will be asked to come at a specific date, time and location.

Recalls are the audition type where you will be asked after being short listed. With recalls, there is still no assurance for a role. However, if they get 5 out of 50, then you only have to beat 4 more competitors just to get the role. At times, you will have to do more than 1 recalls just so casting panel can decide which one to choose.

Screen Tests are done to assess how you will look on the camera. These are usually done for the judging panel to decide whether or not you will fit the role they’ll give you. They will ask you to read parts of the script which are actually used on the movie or TV you auditioned for.

Always choose what is appropriate for you and your talent. When you love what you do, you will get more acting jobs. If you are happy with your career, you will find it easy and comfortable to take part in acting auditions.



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