Most Expensive TV Ad Spots Ever

TV Advertisements do not come cheap. Even for a short periods of airtime, advertisers are willing to invest millions of dollars so that shows will draw in a massive amount of viewers. Here are 10 of the most expensive TV ad spots for advertisers, which are all priced on a 30-second basis. utilize

here is a list of expensive TV AD Spots

1. Sunday Night Football (NBC)

Price: $593,694
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NBC’s Sunday Night Football is indeed enjoying its unmatched status, being the dollars king of television. For a 30-second spot on Sunday Night Football, NBC charges an astonishing $593,694, which is $237,000 more than Fox’s American Idol. The show schedules great matches, featuring the football stars, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson.

2. American Idol (Fox)

Price: $355,943
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Every performance episode of American Idol gets better and better ratings, and thus, a TV spot on the show becomes pricier than any other non-sports series all over the world. The show gave birth to the careers of many pop stars today, including Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

3. The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Price: $316,912
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The Big Bang Theory is TV’s most watched scripted series, giving it a huge rating compared to the rest. The show follows the lives of two male scientists, two male engineers and a female waitress, who all live as neighbors in Southern California. The multi-camera sitcom airs on CBS every Thursday night.

4. The Voice (NBC)

Price: $294,038
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In contrast to the show’s results shows, the performance episodes of The Voice receive better ratings. With that being said, advertisers have to pay a bit higher for a commercial on the main show. The performance episodes of the voice air on NBC every Monday.

5. American Idol – results night (Fox)

Price: $289,942
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The results night of American Idol is the 5th most expensive TV ad spot for advertisers. The reality singing competition began in the summer of 2002 and next year, the show will air its 14th season. On Thursday nights, Fox broadcasts the results portion, which is a day after the actual performances.

6. Modern Family (ABC)

Price: $281,951
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Modern Family is a comedy series that features the story of Jay Pritchett and his large family. The show won four consecutive Emmy awards as an outstanding comedy series. Modern Family airs on ABC every Wednesday night.

7. The Voice – results night (NBC)

Price: $278,987
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The Voice is actually a program that airs twice a week, Mondays for the performance episode and Tuesdays for the results episode. As of now, the show is in its seventh season, with judges Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharell Williams, who will choose from dozens of hopeful contestants as they perform various songs in order to advance in the competition.

8. New Girl (Fox)

Price: $236,857
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New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel, features a teacher who moves to an apartment in Los Angeles with three male roommates. The series is in its fourth season and airs on Tuesday nights on Fox.

9. The Simpsons (Fox)

Price: $231,532
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The Simpsons is an admired animated sitcom that follows the adventures of the Simpson family and the people of Springfield. The series is currently in its 26th season, making it the best TV shows of all time. The Simpsons airs on Fox on Sunday nights.

10. The Following (Fox)

Price: $211,832
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The Following is a psychological-thriller drama series premiered last 2013 on Fox. The show centers on an ex-FBI agent, who tries to catch an escaped serial killer and stop all his dangerous cult of followers. The Following airs on Monday on Fox. Movie Extras Needed