Life-Saving HTC Phone Still Viral a Year After News of It Came Out

Holly Bissonnette| November 24, 2014


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A year after news of it broke out, a photo showing the HTC phone that may have saved the life of a Florida gas station clerk and the HTC One Care Package the phone company sent to him after, is still making waves online. Shared on the Explore Talent Facebook page over the weekend, the photo got more than 11,000 likes and almost 400 shares in just a day.


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The HTC phone, which was placed inside the clerk’s shirt pocket, blocked a bullet that was fired at his chest during an attempted armed robbery at the Hess gas station in Winter Garden, Florida at the end of October last year.

A couple of days later, the HTC phone company sent the gasoline clerk an HTC One Care Package and even tweeted about it on their Twitter account.


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Aside from the HTC One smartphone, the “Glad You’re OK” package included the official car dock, a mobile charger, an HTC laptop bag and a mug with the company’s “Hipster Troll Carwash” character.


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It seems HTC is the only company that has made such a generous gesture to someone who was saved by one of their smartphones, even if it is not the first and only phone that inadvertently saved lives.

Here is the news video about the HTC phone saving a life more than a year ago:



Do you wish to know of more phones that have deflected bullets and saved people from losing their lives too soon? Below are some of the other mobile phones that have been instrumental in deflecting bullets and saving people from serious injuries:


Samsung Galaxy Mega


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Based on reports released by The Shanghaiist in August this year, this Galaxy Mega phone saved a Taiwanese man, known as Han, from having a bullet enter his chest after it went through his arm. The smartphone was placed inside the shirt pocket of Han, who was in a fight with another man named Xu.


Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520
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This phone saved a Brazilian military police officer from having a bullet hit his buttocks, when he was shot at by looters who invaded his mother’s home last year.



In 2011, another HTC phone (HTC Evo) saved John Garber’s life when its battery deflected a random bullet fired outside an Atlanta nightclub.

Below is a clip of the news that came out about this particular HTC phone:



BlackBerry Curve


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In 2010, a woman, who was shot accidentally by her boyfriend, escaped from serious injury when the BlackBerry placed inside her jeans pocket took the hit.


Nokia X2


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This tough phone saved a man’s life in Syria.


Nokia 5800 XpressMusic


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In 2011, this Nokia phone kept a stray bullet from penetrating a guy’s genital area in Yemen.




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In a report that came out in February 2012, it seemed that the iPhone also helped in saving a man’s life, as it slowed a bullet enough that it stopped it from reaching the owner’s heart. Although the bullet passed through a car’s windshield before landing on the iPhone, it can still be said that the smartphone was a savior.


Motorola Razr


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In 2008, this mobile phone saved the life of a Louisiana gardener, who was unsuspectingly hit by a stray bullet.

So, looking into all these stories of mobile phones being instrumental in saving people’s lives, it can be said that these gadgets are not just good for communication after all. They are also unwitting saviors in this chaotic world.

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