Legendary Pictures Reveals Godzilla 2 Release Date

Marie Skillern| August 19, 2014

Mark your calendars on June 8, 2018, as another blockbuster movie brought by Legendary Pictures will hit cinemas worldwide. The blockbuster movie Godzilla, which was directed by Gareth Edwards, will have an upcoming sequel Godzilla 2. The reasons they are making a sequel are that they feel they could make a better one than the previous film and that they want to be part of Gareth Edwards’ business.

Godzilla had just finished its first run in thousands of cinemas worldwide, grossing over $500 million. As a matter of fact, the movie bested many of 2014’s top films at the box office. Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bryan Cranston starred in the movie, along with the classic Japanese movie reptile, whose task is to save the world from other monsters.

Last month at the Comic-Con held in San Diego, Legendary Pictures teased Godzilla 2 by showing some of the possible antagonists that may appear in the sequel, including, Rodan, King Ghidora and Mothra.

Although Legendary has officially broken off with Warner Brothers as they have found new partnership with Universal Studios, there is still no news on how the production and distribution will play out. Also, Universal has not made any announcements about considering the expansion of their theme park attraction line-up to include Godzilla-themed rides.



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