How to Prepare for an Acting Audition in 2015

Preparation is the key to having a stress-free acting audition in 2015. It’s about time to give yourself the chance to shine. Not to mention, make your dreams come to reality. You have to keep in mind that your acting auditions are doors of opportunities that are being opened for you. Thus, you need to work at your best while you’re at it. Think of it as your ticket for the ride of your life. So, whether you are preparing to try out at a community theater or one of the Hollywood acting auditions, this is your time to showcase your talent and make it to the industry. Everyone desires to be in the acting industry, but not all are given the talent and skill to excel in this kind of career. There may be a dense competition when you try out in an acting audition; all it takes is to be ready to take the challenge even during the auditions.

What You Will Need

Make sure you have to prepare the following:
  • Appropriate headshot and resume
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Appropriate makeup
Once you have all of these things ready, then you are on your way to an acting career. Take each of these steps at a time and you will be surprised how the results could make your dreams come true.

10 Easy Steps to Nail Your Acting Auditions

Although you already sign up for acting auditions this year, you have to take note that you have to take a few more steps more to achieve your goals. And no matter if you sign up for any acting auditions online, you will still have to take some preparations to be successful during the test.

Step 1: Be Yourself

So, you’ve heard everyone asking you to be yourself. As a matter of fact, even if you’re trying out for voice acting auditions, you will still be able to meet this advice. This step is crucial. This is the reason this is placed on the first step. Remember, you will need two important things that will enable you to set apart in the crowd or your audience.
  1. Unique personality
  2. Charisma
You need to obtain these things; otherwise you will never be able to be successful in your auditions. Casting directors, Talent scouts, and producers don’t just look upon your talent and skill, but your personality and most of all, your desire to be an actor, and expose your acting skills on stage and the crowd. Additionally, being yourself is synonymous to being confident in whatever you are doing. In short, it is easier for you to act and perform in front of the crowd if you have the confidence. Show to the audience, directors, producers, and scouts that you have the talent that they need.
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Step 2: Prepare the Best Headshot and an Organized Resume

Consider your resume and a good headshot attached to it as your weapon in facing the battle. Take note that you are not just the only person who is wishing to try out and become an actor. There are not just one, but a lot of people who dream to be part of a movie or their favorite show. One of the ways that will make you distinctive from the other applicants is to prepare a well-organized resume complete with your experiences and talent, not to mention, a good headshot attached to it. Your headshot must look exactly like you. Never settle for old photos of yourself if you wouldn’t want producers and directors to feel confused. Here’s a simple tip: You have to admit that getting a good headshot from a professional is too expensive. You can always look online, a local college, or ask someone you know who is willing to shoot your headshot at a low fee. Take advantage of either one of them.
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Step 3: Choose the right monologue that would suit you.

Oftentimes, monologues are delivered during auditions to determine your talent. There are several monologue pieces out there for you to work on. You can practice a piece or two to make you feel comfortable and be well-rehearsed when the big day comes. Along with the number of monologues available, you have to learn how to choose which ones to take advantage of. Moreover, select a piece that would suit your talent and skill. Here’s a simple tip: In order to save time and reduce the stress when you’re trying out in the auditions, get ready with all these monologues so things would come easier when you need it.

Step 4: Prepare Your Sides

There are times when acting audition scripts are given beforehand. Most of the time, you are expected to read sides. They usually send it before the audition date comes.
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Preparing your sides means you have to go over with it. It is best to memorize them so you wouldn’t stumble along the lines during the auditions. If possible, don’t give any room for mistakes when you stand in front of the directors, producers, and agents. No matter how prepared you are rehearsing your sides; you can always read through it while waiting for your turn. Yes, it is okay to practice. However, whenever you are asked to have a cold read, here’s a simple tip: Read through the sides at least two times. This should allow you to dissect the character you will be playing and get to know what is going on in the scene.

Step 5: Rehearse the Monologue

After choosing your monologue, it is vital to practice it several times until you are comfortable with it. Perhaps, there is truth with what everyone believes in, ‘Practice makes perfect.’ This is the best way to get familiar with the lines and the scenes in the piece. While you’re at it, ask a family member or a trusted friend who can give you a credible feedback. Their judgment and criticism will open windows of opportunities to achieve the best performance during the auditions.
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Here’s a simple tip: Read the entire play. Run through the whole monologue and make sure you are already comfortable performing them. The key is to understand the whole play so it would be easier for you to memorize the lines as you are familiar with it.

Step 6: Dress Appropriately

This is the reason you need to prepare appropriate clothing when you want to try out for an acting audition. At this point, you might be wondering why you need to dress appropriately. Audition is similar to applying for a job. Yes, clothes matter when it comes to facing your agent, director, or producer. Think of it as your package. Your product is your talent and skill.
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Moreover, you also need to pack enough change of clothes with you. You wouldn’t know what would happen along the way. There are times when your outfit would get dirty or torn while you are giving your best performance. Also, you can modify your appearance and match it with your role. Lastly, you will need to wear appropriate makeup that would fill the missing piece. Say when your role would be an aggressive character, let your makeup define the character’s personality. Your outfit and makeup, combine and complete the package.

Step 7: Do Some Exercises

Acting auditions greatly demand not only good acting skills and talent, but you need to be physically fit for the job as well. You may think practicing your vocal cords is no longer necessary, think again. Even modeling acting auditions require aspiring actors to be in good shape for this kind of career.
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Vocal trainings, stretching and breathing exercises are one of the essentials that would improve your performance. Obviously, when you are in good shape, acting on stage would only come easy. You wouldn’t want any barriers in delivering the perfect monologue during the auditions. Your acting skill may be vital during an acting audition, but your voice is essential to deliver every line properly. What good would a monologue be when you can’t say a line or two? Learning some vocal techniques and tricks can bring the best performance at the audition.

Step 8: Clear Your Calendar

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Take note of the time and place for your audition. Clear your personal calendar on this day to have enough time to prepare on the date. Be on time or be earlier. Remember that your goal is to get a career in this industry. So, don’t be late. Make a good impression to your agent, director, or producer. As they say, first impressions would always last. You wouldn’t want to give them a hint that you are not needed. Rather, let them realize you have the potential and you want to have the job no matter what. Let your passion in acting be your drive. In addition, make room for traffic or other unexpected events that could happen along the way. Thereby, you will still be on time and ready to show off your talent without any worry at all. You can drive to the audition location a day or two before the audition date. Again, this should prevent you from meeting surprises when you’re on your way. Here’s a simple tip: You can confirm the location for the audition. Take note of the directions in going to the audition location. This should allow you to arrive on time or even earlier (it is always better). Also, make a list of the emergency telephone numbers including your agent’s, directors, or producer’s numbers. Not to mention the audition location number is crucial. This will allow you to give them a call and inform them ahead of time in case of emergency.

Step 9: Turn Off Your Cellphone during the Auditions

Other than it’s distracting, keep in mind that these are tools that enable you to lose your concentration and focus. Before you or other aspiring actors try out and get distracted, turn it off before, during, and wait only until the auditions end.

Step 10: Audition Starts When You Step In the Door

Keep your focus and concentration in reaching your goal – getting the acting job, the moment you step in that door. Your future career waits the minute you open that door and meet the directors, producers, or agents.
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In Conclusion

Now that you have all the things needed and the steps to follow prior to the acting audition itself, you must know where you’re heading to after. Auditions don’t happen without a purpose and a reason. Agents, directors, and producers ask you to come because you have the edge. So, even if you feel you wouldn’t be able to make it and you believe you do not have any experience in acting, have confidence that you are fit for the role offered to you. All it takes to succeed in any acting audition in 2015 is to believe in yourself and your abilities. So, hold your head up high, square those shoulders, and get that dream job. Find the latest acting auditions for 2015 at