Hollywood’s Most Iconic Monsters

Explore Talent takes a look at Hollywood’s most iconic monsters. The anatomy of a good Hollywood monster movie would involve an iconic monster that would soon wreck its havoc upon its victim and the audiences. These legendary movie monsters proved that it takes a lot of effort into just scaring if you want your audience to remember you than just an ordinary monster.

1.)    Count Orlok, Nosferatu  (1922)

The very first ever vampire to grace the big screen was Count Orlok. This character first came out in the silent German film entitled Nosferatu which is based on Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. German actor Max Schrek played the titular role of Count Orlok in the film.
Count Orlok
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2.)    Frankenstein’s Monster , Frankenstein (1931)

Another iconic based from another classic, Mary Shelley’s infamous monster from her novel Frankenstein fills the list. The legendary monster is played by none other than Hollywood legend Borlis Karloff.
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3.)    Dracula, Dracula (1931)

This classic character has defined what it means to become a Master of Fright. First appearing as the charismatic and mysterious in the pages of Bram Stoker’s novel, he had continued to scare or lure many people into his charisma. Spanning over numerous movie franchise recounting his tale, Count Dracula just proved that charming one’s victims is one sure way to get your victims and wreck havoc. Notable actors who played Dracula included Christopher Lee, Gary Oldman and Gerard Butler.
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4.)    King Kong,  King Kong (1933, 2005)

Who would forget the memorable scene where a giant gorilla carrying a damsel in distress while climbing up to the top of the Empire State building? Bringing this giant gorilla to life is no easy task. For the 2005 remake of the 1933 classic, it eventually took several animations and constructed models.
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5.)    The Wolfman, (1941)

Leaving a double life which involved becoming a hungry beast during the night of a full moon is no easy task.  One of the most famous creatures of the folklore comes to life in many film adaptations. Actor Benicio Del Toro is one of the Hollywood actors who portrayed the role of Larry Talbot.
The Wolfman
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6.)    Godzilla, (1954, 2014)

This monster is of Japanese origins and has spanned a number of remakes from Hollywood. The latest is that of 2014.
Godzilla 1954
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7.)    Alien (1979)

Creatures from outer space have already cemented their status as one of Hollywood’s greatest monsters. Here is a fun fact from the movie Aliens: Actor Bolaji Bodejo and stuntman Eddie Powell suited up to play the role the aliens in the movie.
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8.)    The Thing (1982)

This indescribable “thing” may not be much to hear about. But its ability to take in the form of anything that is consumes can push any person into a state of paranoia.
The Thing 1982
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9.)    Gremlins (1984)

If there is any monster in Hollywood that embodies the saying “looks can be deceiving” then there is no better monster than the tiny monstrosity in the Gremlin. These furry cretins show just how unnerving it is to be deceived by such a very cute and adorable nemesis.
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10.)  Jurassic Park (1992)

Science fiction adds another monster from their arsenal in this list.  Who would ever forget the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the rest of dinosaurs from Jurassic Park? The simple moral of the story is to never, ever tamper with a species that was extinct millions of years ago. They were after all, meant to be extinct in the first place.
Jurassic Park
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