Here’s One Creative Way to Fight Boredom in the Workplace

Marie Skillern| December 19, 2014
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The office can be one hectic place. It brings out the best and the worst in people. There will be busy days and there will be days that might just bore you to death. If you find yourself with nothing to do then you might as well stop facing your computer screen and do something more creative.

Bored in the Office
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This is what two bored co workers did during one of their slowest days.

Chris Limbrick and Francesco Fragomeni from Squarespace New York did one of the most creative ways to fight off boredom in their office. Their official project is named “Fools do Art.” Instead of wallowing in the pit of boredom these two got creative with none other than their very own office supplies.

Office Supplies
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The rule of the project is that they’d recreate famous paintings with none other than the office supplies. The editing would be done on their smartphones.

Not bad? If you find yourself bored, try this game. You would be surprised just how much office supplies you have stashed away from the whole office’s sight.

Here just some of their “masterpieces.”

Here are some ways to releave Boredom at the office

“Thinking About Death” Frida Kahlo, 1943


“Mona Lisa” Leonardo da Vinci, 1503-1506


“Son of Man” Rene Magritte 1964


“Portrait of a Man in a Turban” Jan van Eyck 1433


“Napoleon Crossing the Alps” Jacques- Louis David 1801


“Lady and the Unicorn” c. 1500


“Blonde Beauty” Walt Otto circa 1950’s


“Two Ballet Dancers” Edgar Degas 1879

“The Girl with a Pearl Earring” Johannes Vermeer 1665

“The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp” Rembrandt 1632

“Timoclea uccide il capitano di Alessandro Magno” Elisabetta Sirani, 1659

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Here are other ways you can fight boredom in your office!

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