HBO’s New Series ‘Vice Principals’ Launches Casting Call

Holly Bissonnette| May 6, 2015


Good news for talents in South Carolina! Producers are now hunting for talents within the area to play numerous roles in HBO’s new TV series Vice Principals, which is set to film in Charleston, South Carolina.

From the creators of Eastbound & Down, Danny McBride, and Jody Hill, Vice Principals revolves around a high school and the lives of the people behind its management.

As HBO green-lights the production of the series, various positions are needed to be filled in. Actors and actresses must grant their full cooperation and flexibility for the whole duration of the filming, which will begin on the first of May until the end of September. You must also reside locally or near the area as they will not accommodate hired talents for any housing or travel expenses.

Stand-in roles are available for two brown-haired Caucasian males from the ages of 18 to 60. One must have an average body-build and a height of 5′ 11”–6′ 0”, while the other must have a slender to average body type and a height of 5′ 10”–5′ 11” to qualify for the roles.

Casting directors are also seeking two females to fill in stand-in parts, one from Caucasian ethnicity and  another from an African-American descent. You must be from 18–60 years old. One role requires you to have a medium body-build and a height of only 5′ 2”, while the other part needs a blonde with slender build and should stand 5′ 9”–5′ 10”.

Meanwhile, ten slots are vacant for those males and females of all ages who are from an Asian lineage (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Hawaiian, Thai, etc.).

Colonial Williamsburg types and reenactors are also encouraged to apply. You must have your own costumes (colonist, soldiers, fifes, and drums).

Should you find a role that you are interested in, kindly submit two current snapshots (one full-length/full-body shot, and the other is a close-up photo of your face), which can be taken through your camera phone. Along with the submission of photos should be your complete name, phone number, age, city/state where you reside, height, weight, complete clothing sizes, and a list of any tattoos or piercings that will be visible in summer attire. Also include your vehicle information (color, make, model and year), if you have any.

For clothing sizes, men should submit a list of sizes for the following items: jacket (42R), dress shirt (neck and sleeve), casual shirt, pants (waist and inseam), shoes, and hat; while women must have a list of their sizes for the following items:  dress, skirt, pants, shirt, and shoes. Also include your measurements.

Furthermore, they are also seeking for identical twins who are 12 months–2 years of age (babies/toddlers) to be cast in the new series. Babies must weigh 20 pounds or more and must be able to sit upright as the scene will require them to sit in a car’s front seat. Photos and other information must be submitted with the heading “TWINS.”

Parents of the twins must give their full name, phone numbers, and two current snapshots of the twins. Along with these must be the names of the twins, birthdate, age, height, weight, clothing size, and city/state where you reside.

As of now, they also need male and female teen talents (15–19 years old) to be cast as extras. The scene where you will take part will be filmed also in Charleston on May 10–14.

Actors and actresses, aged 30–70, are sought to portray high school staff. You must have a flexible schedule as you will be required for filming in spring and summer. You should also be from the area or should be able to drive to the location.

Also, they want to cast male and female Revolutionary Era slave re-enactors. Kids are welcome to apply for this role, too.

Male and female spectators of any ethnicity are needed for an upcoming scene. You must be at least 30 years old to qualify for the part.

On May 11, they will continue filming which will require Native American talents of at least 80 years of age, while on May 10–14, they require high school students, aging from 17–21 years, for a scene.

Interested applicants must comply with the requirements before the given deadline, which is on May 20, 2015.



HBO New Series ‘Vice Principals’ Launches Casting Call

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