Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford

Great Tips from Two Top Modeling Icons

Holly Bissonnette| March 1, 2014

Cindy Crawford’s recent birthday has stirred a lot of discussions about modeling.  Many beginning models are curious about how legends in the business like Crawford and Tyra Banks approached their modeling careers.  They wonder about how they handled modeling auditions and modeling jobs, and what modeling tips they may have for upstart models.

Explore Talent, the leading talent resource website, has gathered some tips from these two successful models.

Some unique and unconventional modeling tips can be gleaned from Cindy Crawford’s career.  Primary is embracing your uniqueness. Many people wanted her to have her mole removed. Crawford resisted. Good thing, because it became her trademark. She also emphasized the point that Skinny is not always beautiful.  She always sported a curvy physique, and she became the most bankable supermodel in the world.

Tyra Banks’ advice is more technical and specific. She suggests picking a favorite model, studying his/her style and posing techniques.  She also says to have a black and white headshot prepared first thing and to research and learn everything you can about the business, even beyond the modeling aspect of it.

Becoming a professional model is no easy feat, but someone has to fill the shoes of the legendary greats, and getting advice from them can help you get modeling jobs and get to where you want to be.

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