GoPro 4 Founder Has Become a Billionaire by Reinventing the Way We Capture Love, Life and Adventure

Kathryn Whitworth| September 30, 2014

Nicholas Woodman, founder of GoPro, has become a billionaire.

He founded Woodman Labs in 2002 which first introduced the GoPro cameras. Now the company sports over 500 employees and in 2013, it brought in over $986 million.

Nick Woodman
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The company went public on  Thursday, and the company is now worth a staggering $2.6 billion. Now that is impressive.

GoPro also continues to make a name in the industry as the most revolutionary action camera  in the world.  After details were leaked over the past few days, they finally released their line of action cameras for the year. Introducing the GoPro 4.

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GoPro recently released three models; Hero, the Hero4 Silver and the Hero Black. GoPro Hero is GoPro’s cheapest entry-level camera and it can be purchased for $130 while the $400 Hero4 Silver is more or less similar to last year’s action camera that comes with an LCD touch screen. Lastly, there is the $500 Hero4 Black that is changing the world of video as we know it.

GoPro Hero
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Hero4 Black is more or less identical to last year’s GoPro Hero3+ Black. Though, there are some obvious changes in the placement of the recording indicator buttons and the battery door. Aside from that, there are small aesthetic details that make a difference. But, the look doesn’t really matter at all. It’s the features that count.

With an incredibly high-resolution of 4K30 and 2.7k50 video at high frame rate 1080p 120 video, GoPro Hero4 Black has passed the industry’s standards and reinvented how we capture life.

GoPro Hero4 Black
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All Hero4 cameras feature touch screen displays that enable users to actually see what they are shooting. Also, both come with enhanced low-light features that are best for capturing images at night.

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Since the products rolled out on June 26, the company soared  280% in sales. In the second-quarter, GoPro’s revenue surged 38% and in the third quarter, they expect a 35% leap. This is definitely the kind of movement they want to see, similar to their action-packed video.


Watch GoPro Hero4: The Adventure of Life in 4K action video here



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