Finding the Ideal Day Job to Sustain Your Acting Career

Marie Skillern| October 20, 2013

Your phone rings and the person on the line informs you about possible acting jobs for you. But, as you have a regular job, there is nothing you can do about it but say, “Sorry, I am not available for any acting job right now, my schedule is so tight.”.   Has this happened to you?

Have you turned down gigs and acting jobs just because of your day job? Are you too busy or do you have a boss who does not allow you to go on leaves, unscheduled days off or even to work under time? This situation is understandable. Many aspiring actors have gone through this same dilemma at one point or another in their careers.

Work More, Expect Less

Juggling acting jobs with your regular day job can be so tough, especially if the latter is not involved with the film industry. Your schedule can get so very hectic and you can’t perform your job very well anymore because you get so exhausted and drained.

If you want to pursue your dreams in acting and be one of the most well-rounded actors in the industry, you need to focus on what you really want to be. You should set goals for yourself and determine the path you wish to take.

Of course, you should also refrain from counting your chickens before their eggs are hatched. Expecting everything to happen all at once is not healthy because while things can happen unexpectedly, there are still times when they don’t just seem to follow your timeline at all. So, stop expecting a lot. Instead, work hard at getting what you waimed for no matter how busy or tight your schedule can be.

Always Find a Way

If you really want to take on acting jobs, you can always find a better way to do manage doing this while maintaining your day job. Don’t limit yourself. In time, you will find a process that will work for you and you can continue looking and accepting day jobs without putting your day job at risk.

Find and choose a a job that is flexible and easy to manage.  If you will do your best to look for them, there are jobs that are flexible when it comes to schedules and will you to work overtime or under-time, so you can go off on holidays and take unscheduled days off.

Get a Job Related to the Entertainment Industry

Everyone needs a job. You wouldn’t want to starve while pursuing your dream of having an acting career, right? But, if are worried about the possibility of not making it to your auditions and casting calls on time due to your job restrictions, then you should find employment within the industry.

You should look for a day job that is related to performing arts and entertainment. This is a comfort zone for you, as it might allow you the flexible schedule that you were looking for. You can also look for part-time jobs that do not require you to work in the office such as home-based jobs, which are very common nowadays.

Finding the right kind of job that allows you to manage your time well when it comes to going to auditions and casting calls may be hard. But, if you have the will to look for it and find one that is the most ideal for your needs while looking for your acting jobs, then you won’t have to worry about the things that will come your way. You won’t have to turn down gigs, casting call invitations and auditions that will enable you to pursue your acting career.



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