How to Find Out About the Latest Acting Auditions

Holly Bissonnette| February 21, 2014

You are an up and coming actor and you have researched, planned and polished your acting abilities. You are prepared to take the next step and get into acting auditions. But, when and where are the auditions happening? How can you become informed about auditions? Whom do you consult? Explore Talent, the leading talent resource website, has several effective tips to answer these questions.

Start Locally

A good place to start is your local area. If you are acquainted with any actors, or any individuals in the local drama or arts scene, query if they are aware of local auditions or if they can put you in touch with someone who is. This may not only point you to some auditions, but can also allow you to establish local contacts and construct a network that can all help each other locate acting auditions and acting jobs.

Visit Acting Institutions, Theaters and TV or Movie Studios

If there are any acting institutes, auditoriums, TV or movie studios in your vicinity, you should absolutely become a regular visitor to these places. You will often find flyers and posters there to notify actors of forthcoming auditions. These can also be convenient places to network.

Check Out Trade Papers or Online Resources

If there are no such facilities or potential contacts near where you live, you can check in acting or art publications to look for auditions. There are numerous bulletins and announcements committed to announcing auditions and casing calls for film, TV, commercials, etc.

There are also countless online information resources, posts, and listings for auditions. A simple search engine inquiry can return hundreds or even thousands of possible audition opportunities. To follow up, attain the contact information from the web pages and contact the posters to make appointments for auditions.

There is no one fool proof way to find and lock in on auditions, but preparation and diligence go a long way in safeguarding the realization of your goals. Keep in mind that acting jobs are just within your reach if you will work hard at looking for them.



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