Be a Favored Singing Auditionee in 10 Simple Steps

As an aspiring singer, you will do better in your auditions if you will take note of the singing tips circulating over the Internet and among fellow music artists. These are simple yet effective techniques that will help you gain positive results during any singing audition you go through. Below you will find a number of advice you can follow and learn from so you can become a better singer and will have more confidence in facing different casting directors: Know Your Song. You probably heard these words many times in a lot of contests and singing auditions. As a singer, you should know the song, specially the lyrics of the song you will be performing. Knowing does not only mean memorizing the lines of each song, but also understanding their message and putting them to heart. Adjust the tone and pitch.  Avoid picking a song that is hard for you to belt it out. If you plan to perform a song that has higher notes anyway, then change its arrangement. Adjust the pitch and the melody until it becomes perfect for your vocal range. Sing for everyone. Do not sing for one person alone. Instead sing for all of the people inside the audition room.  This does not necessarily mean that you have to make eye contact with every person inside the room. While you do need to establish eye to eye contact at times, you should also make your audience feel that you are connecting to them while you are performing. Do not forget to smile when you pick up a face to focus on while singing. Sing with proper technique.  “Singing from your diaphragm” is among the best advice out there that you should take to heart. This is often drummed into you during your voice lessons as these will help you hold those high and long notes when performing. You only have one vocal cord. So, take proper care of it by using the proper singing techniques. Ownership. Even if you are performing a song from your favorite singer or band, make sure to deliver it with personal touch.  You can listen and watch as they perform and observe the styles and the elements they place in their songs, but do not imitate. Own the song and create your own style during your performance. Tell a story.  This is the most common mistake of a singer. Do not just sing for the sake of sounding good. Some singers tend to focus on belting out the song that they forget about its message. Feel the song, understand the lyrics and tell a story through singing it with emotions. Just keep going. Forgot the lyrics?  Missing something? Move on and fake it as if nothing happened. Do not react from your own mistakes, because they will not notice it that much if you will not show it. If they did notice it, they will give you points for carrying yourself well despite your shortcoming. Establish a connection.  Connect to the people through your body language. Do not just settle on one corner of the room. Try to move from one side to another. Change position, sway your hips, or move your hands and shoulder. Doing all these are among the ways you can interact with your panel and audience. This will also show how confident you are on stage. Confidence.  There are singers who are naturally born shy but when they are on stage and start to sing, everything just seems to change and fall into place. Not everyone has the ability to achieve this though. You must always be prepared, have self discipline and go through proper training so you can grow more confident with time. Your confidence plays a vital role in your performance. If you are shy and unsure, this will show in your voice and your performance. The pieces of advice mentioned above are the basics that you should not miss. If you follow these tips and apply them to your singing career, you will have higher chances of landing better jobs even if you are still a newbie.

Here is another singing tip from Keri Hilso: