Explore Talent Promotes Its Annual Best Bikini Contest

Explore Talent.Best Bikini Contest
photo source: exploretalent.com
Explore Talent shares with you one of the talent resource site’s annual competition, the Best Bikini Contest. This aims to promote Explore Talent members on the site. It encourages casting members to prefer people coming from the online talent resource site. Members are enticed to take part of the Best Bikini Contest yearly. The contestants will be rewarded with 5 Explore Talent points just by simply joining the contest. So, with every annual contest you join earns you lots of points which will later be redeemed for prizes. Another benefit of partaking contests from the site is the chance to be part of the contestant’s featured board. This makes a member more noticeable by important people visiting the site, including casting directors, producers and directors for TV shows, movie productions, website series and advertising projects, among others. Those who would like to join the contest must submit a photo of themselves wearing a bikini. The photo will have to be with high quality resolution. Right after submitting, your photo will be screened to be qualified as an official contestant. Nude photos will automatically disqualify contestants. If you will be qualified, you have to get votes for you to win the contest. You can secure votes from family members and friends. Explore Talent provides the ladies with marvelous prizes. The first prize winner who gets the most votes will get the $200-worth of one year free Pro membership. The second in line wins herself 3 months of free subscription from the online talent resource company. The lucky lady who gets the third highest votes will win a month of free membership.