Emergency Vocalization Tips for Singers during Auditions

Some difficult circumstances just can’t be helped and they usually come at the most unexpected times including during singing auditions. If you are well informed and will just stay calm, you will feel more at ease and know what to do during these trying situations. Always make it a point to know what possible emergency conditions you can find yourself in so you will know how to save your voice until the very day or hour of your auditions. Knowing the remedies for these will also be very beneficial for you.

What is Laryngitis or Pharyngitis

Typically, laryngitis and pharyngitis are used interchangeably for those who are experiencing symptoms such as hoarseness of voice, sore throat, the need to cough, runny nose and fever. These inflammatory illnesses are often caused by either virus and bacteria. While they can be cured, they can really affect such activities as singing. The inflammation of the layrnx or laryngitis affects the voice box. Speech production is also greatly affected due to the swelling of the vocal cords. Laryngitis is often caused by chest or sinus infection. Pharyngitis is also one of the reasons you should visit a physician immediately. It is often caused by sore throat or an inflamed area at the back of the throat. With this illness, you will usually experience colds or flu. As a result, an antibiotic therapy is usually started when one has contracted the illness. Losing your voice is very common when you have either laryngitis or pharyngitis. This is due to the fact that the human body interconnects with the mouth, throat and vocal cords.

Emergency Remedies for Singers with Laryngitis or Pharyngitis

Relax The first thing to do when you lose your voice due to either laryngitis or pharyngitis is to relax. If you are stressed out, the tendency is your muscles will constrict further thus exacerbating the inflammation. This will cause your voice not to come out at all. So, keep calm.

Breathe The next thing you will have to do is to breathe. Take deep breaths and turn them into voices or sounds. When you breathe in a rhythmic pattern, your muscles will relax. Keeping your vocal muscles relaxed can help you get your voice back.

Steam Up Get a steamer. Placing your vocal areas moistened by steaming will help soothe your vocal organ. This will give a calming effect to your throat muscles.

Drink Drink plenty of water. This will lubricate your mouth and throat. Water is also more effective than any other liquids. It is safe and non-irritating.

Hum Humming is also very helpful. It provides you with good resonance as you find your voice again. This is greatly effective especially when you’re about to sing in front of a crowd or even just a casting panel at singing auditions

Consult your EENT Specialist When worse comes to worst, see a specialist. Keep in mind that those emergency techniques are only applicable when you lose your voice in one of your singing auditions or durings gigs. But, if you believe your problem is getting worse then you should already have a throat specialist do a checkup on you or you might do more harm than good to your vocal cords in the long run.

Losing your voice is typically normal and natural if you are a singer, other diseases may persist unknowingly. So, have yourself checked by an ENT or Ears, Nose and Throat Specialist, especially when you keep on losing your voice throughout your singing career. Remember that you always have to take care of your voice. Even if you’re not part of the music, voiceover or Broadway scenes, taking great care of your voice for film, commercial or TV acting is also really essential. Without your voice, you wouldn’t be able to vocalize anything at all.  So, if you have any problems during your singing auditions, the information and advice above are very beneficial if you will observe them properly.