Why Direct Resume Submissions Don’t Work for Disney Casting Calls

You will require representation if you wish to get into Disney casting calls. Most, if not all, aspiring actors employ an agent or an agency to represent them during auditions and casting calls.

Why You Need an Agent/Agency

For aspiring actors, you will need a talent agent/agency to get the auditions you want. Talent agents in the entertainment business are categorized as commercial talent agents and theatrical talent agents. With commercial agents, they can get you jobs for commercial ad campaigns. Since commercial modeling is not that strict with their requirements, actors are often given the chance to do commercial advertisements. You will need theatrical agents for your Disney casting calls. If you wish to be an actor or actress for Disney, you will really need to take auditions seriously by hiring yourself an agent to represent you. Their network in the entertainment industry will help open up tons of job opportunities for. Apart from commercial and theatrical agents, there are also categories to which these professionals belong to. The most common specializations these agents are classified under include extras, dance, print and voice-over. There are other reasons or benefits on employing an agent or an agency as well and these include:
  • Talent agents often get more information when it comes to the roles being cast.
  • The best agents have direct access to casting directors and producers.
  • They work at calling their ‘connections’ so they can submit you for a casting call or an audition.
  • Agents are able to fax/email movie producers and casting directors directly.
  • An excellent agent has access to “the breakdowns”, the daily list of roles for castings that are only directly sent to agents and managers.
  • With a hardworking and well-connected agent, you can merge into the acting community fast and easy.

Getting Your Own Agent

Deciding to hire an agent or agency to get into Disney casting calls is a great step to take. However, finding the right one for you will take time as there are a lot of talent agents and agencies out there. This is the same as choosing an online talent research management that will best help you look for Disney roles for either film or TV series. A trustworthy online agency should a strong entertainment platform that can easily match your preferences with the auditions they have daily. They would have mailing alerts and online talent agents that will update you with information regarding casting calls and auditions available that are suitable for you. Keep in mind though, that agents are busy people. When you want to get representation, you need to get an appointment. The trick is to mail your headshot and resume. If you have a demo-reel, you can also send a copy. Send a very short, interesting cover letter. Any submission that takes more than 15 seconds to read will be sent automatically to the trash. Here is a sample of a cover letter you should send to a talent agent or talent agency:

I LOVE ACTING TALENT AGENCY 143 Acting Street, Los Angeles, Ca

Attn: Ms. Agent

Kindly accept my headshot and resume for possible consideration for future representation. I will contact your office next week in order to verify if you’ve received this package.

Thank you for your time,

John U. Guy

In following up with a talent agency’s office, make sure that you keep in mind the value of their time. Practice your conversation right before calling them or the agent you’d like to represent you. You need to be as concise as possible, so they will see how professional you can be. Once you are able to get your own agent or be represented by a talent agency, you will see how easily they can bring you benefits instead of drawbacks when it comes to Disney channel audition casting call.