Defining Body Shapes for Plus Size Women

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Finding clothes for plus size women is not so simple as it looks. Compared to smaller women, plus sizes come in plenty of other body shapes. Because of how diverse these shapes are, these women have a challenging time when they go shopping for clothes. A reason as to why they encounter a struggle when picking out clothes is because they are looking at the wrong body shape.
Dressing-for-Your-Body-Type Plus Size Women
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If you are one of the many women who encounter a struggle when it comes to shopping, it may be because you’re looking at the wrong description of your body shape. It really pays to be knowledgeable of what your body shape is so you can easily go shopping without worrying about picking out something that doesn’t suit you. Here are the different body shapes for plus size women:


Diamond-Body-Shape Plus Size Women
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The diamond body shape is characterised as a figure with a fuller waist compared to the bust and hips. At the same time, there is a proportion between the face, neck, bust, arms, and the lower legs. Because of this proportion, it makes it easy to pick out clothes for women with this type of body shape. Some recommended options include:
  • Wear tops that have v-neck, sweetheart, cowl, or scoop neckline so that the area can be shown off. It is also advisable to draw attention to the upper portion of the body by wearing scarves or necklaces.
  • Go for pants that have a bootleg, straight-leg, or narrow bottom. Or you can show off your legs by wearing capris, leggings; high slit, pencil, straight, tulip, tiered, and trumpet skirts.
  • You can elongate your mid-section by going for tops that have a faux-wrap drape silhouette that skim over your tummy and fit perfectly on your bust area.


Celebrities-with-Hourglass-Figure Plus Size Women
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Like with smaller figures, an hourglass body is characterized by a proportionate upper body and hip area. This body shape also has a defined waistline, full hips, and harmonious bust. The result of the mixture is a beautiful and curvy female body. Here are some ideas on clothes to wear:
Hourglass Plus Size Women
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  • Go for tops that flatter your neckline. Some examples include wearing ruffles, open collars, softly draped tops, or fun asymmetrical cuts. This way you can expose your neckline and accentuate your assets.
  • Balance your hips by wearing flared skirts or wide, bootleg pants.
  • You have a waist that needs to be shown off. You can do this by using ties, belts, wrap dresses, pencil skirts, or detailed empire waistlines.

Figure Eight

Beyonce-Figure-Eight Plus Size Women
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One advantage for women with a figure eight body is that their body is both curvy and voluptuous. This body shape is characterized by having the shoulders and hips in proportion with the overall silhouette. Larger women who have this body shape boast of a voluptuous cleavage as one of their assets. Not to mention, having a clearly defined waist makes everything curvier. Here are some tips on what to wear:
Figure-Eight Plus Size Women
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  • Accentuate the upper torso by wearing asymmetrical cuts, open collars, sweetheart neckline, v-necks, and other shirts with details.
  • Balance your body’s proportion by wearing bottoms that have a darker color. You will look great in wide leg pants or A-line flared skirts.
  • You can accentuate your curves by wearing a wide belt, empire waist silhouette, or a waist-cinching wrap dress.


Rectangle Plus Size Women
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Plus size women who have a rectangle body shape are those that have an exceptional balance. This means that their hips, thighs, legs, arms, and body frame is perfectly in line with each other. Some clothes that would be great to wear include:
Rectangle Plus Size Women
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  • Wear tops with a V-neck, sweetheart, crew, batteau, asymmetric, jewel and cowl neck so you can accentuate your femininity.
  • Go for curve-defining empire bodices. Wear tops with bust frills, front panel details, pleats, and ruches.
  • For pants, you can harmonize your silhouette with straight, narrow, or slightly flared leg pants. Be brave enough to experiment with wearing color in your bottoms.
  • You can define your curves by wearing cinchers, belts, pencil skirts, or crystal pleated skirts.


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For women who have a fuller waist compared to your hips and bust area, their body shape is best defined as the oval. Among the assets of women who have an oval body include slender lower legs and amazing arms. You can wear these items:
Oval Body Shape
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  • Make your neck look longer by showing off your neckline by using scoop, batteau, cowl, and v-neck tops.
  • Accentuate your bottom half by wearing a lighter colored bottom. Among your options include dropped waists, high slits, and flat-front pants.
  • Make your waist look longer by going for faux wrap dresses, princess seams, and blouson style tops.


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Women who have a triangle body shape are those that are proud of their assets: a smaller upper body compared to the hips along with a defined waistline. You can wear clothes such as the following:
  • Extend your neck and shoulders with batteau, scoop, sweetheart, jewel, and v-neckline tops.
  • Don’t be afraid to accentuate your bust area with the help of ruffles, pleats, fitted bodices, and tops.
  • Elongate your legs with the help of flared jeans or wide leg trousers so you can balance your top and bottom proportions.
  • Include a pencil skirt in your closet as this will always be a great look on you. Include wrap dresses, flared and A-line skirts in your collection too.

Inverted Triangle

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Despite being plus size, ladies that have this body shape are still able to have a statuesque and well proportioned figure. This body shape is characterized by a full bust, broad shoulders, and full waist compared to hips. There are plenty of clothes that would look great on women with this body shape. Some of which include:
  • Elongate the neck by wearing a deep scoop, V-neck, u-neck, and a shawl collar.
  • Balance the upper torso by wearing dark tops with light bottoms.
  • Go for wrap styles and sweetheart bodices so you can flatter your bust area.
  • Opt for form-fitting silhouettes, pencil skirts, belted dresses, A-line skirts, fitted tops, and wrap dresses so you can show off your curves.
For women, knowing the right body shape they have can be a big help in making their hunt for clothes a lot easier. By following this guide, plus size women can make shopping for new clothes a fun activity!