The Complete Guide to the Different Acting Jobs in Hollywood

Acting Jobs
If you are an aspiring actor, who is on the lookout for worthwhile acting jobs that could launch your career, then the best opportunity is about to be revealed to you. Believe it or not, as a potential actor, you have to dive into different acting careers, before you can discover the best job that will really speak to you and what you want for your future. You need to follow the footsteps of actors who take advantage of getting a career in theater, TV, or film, or somewhere where their talents and skills will not only pay the bills, but will also enable them to fulfill their dreams. So, for you to know where you can apply your talents and skills, take a look at the five major careers you can have as an aspiring actor and discover which you area you would want to focus on:

Stage Acting Career

Stage Acting Jobs
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  Theater roles could be a bit challenging. If you are a fan of watching a live actor performing on stage, then this can probably be the opportunity for you. Acting on stage takes a lot of techniques and most of all, passion, talent, and skill. As a matter of fact, several stage actors do not simply pop and act on stage, they study the different styles of acting. For an actor who wants to pursue his career, moving to the Big Apple can be a good idea. There is a huge range of acting jobs in New York. The number of people coming to the city every year only to give this kind of career a try, proves the number of various acting classes offered. Shakespeare acting is to name one. Classical theater just never grows old. Acting in theaters can be your ticket to your career in television or in movies. Truth is, there are a lot of actors in Hollywood that took their first steps in stage acting. Patrick Steward (Star Trek) and Michael C. Hall (Dexter) are to name a few. In case you may have overlooked another form of stage acting career, the one man show can be a good stepping stone for you. If you really have the guts, and considering you’re interesting or someone the audience looks forward to, then, you can probably create a good show with yourself. We’re talking about becoming a YouTube sensation where you post a video and letting it go viral. If you have a talent to tickle the audience, stand-up comedy is another way to achieve your goals in acting. Climb up on stage and try a couple or so of your monologues. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler had everyone nailed on their seats during the 2014 Golden Globes with their monologue.  

Film Acting Career

What first comes to your mind when you talk about film actors and regular jobs in this field? You have to admit it, you think about Hollywood movies. Wait, this isn’t the only step to make your dreams come to reality. Let’s face it; landing in a major role in movies can be a bit rare. Again, most people would move to New York or Los Angeles since major studios are based in these major cities. Keep in mind that each city has its wide variety of careers to offer.
Film Acting Jobs
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Entering the film industry may require you to start from the bottom before you can move your way to the top. Although there are actors who have found a shortcut to their career, this only happens once in a blue moon. Most of the time, film acting jobs in Los Angeles and the Big Apple happen in Student films, Short films, and even Independent films. These films do not need to have enough budget to hire for a casting director. So, you already know what’s going to happen next. Keep in mind that the casting process is going to be different. You can recognize in online casting sites some auditions for a number of independent films. Antonio Banderas is one of the independent actors who have climbed the film industry ladder and made it to Hollywood. Meanwhile, student films are distinctive from the rest of them. There are a couple of reasons a potential actor considers going into these student films – a great marketing and a good contact building tool. You can imagine how casting directors can see your demos, not to mention students can meet with prominent directors in the future. Building a good working relationship is the key to be successful in this kind of industry. It is wise to have a list of your target film acting schools where you can have your skills improved and build a career. Other than becoming a part of these low-budget films, you can also land in a film set by becoming a background or extra. Well, you can’t actually call it a film acting opportunity, but you have to understand that this job could pay off your rent and groceries. Not to mention, it can also pave way to a bigger role in the industry. “Background actors” are not just any actors. You have to remember that without them, no film will ever be complete. Although they may not be on spotlight, but when you look at how Sylvester Stallone and Sean Penn have worked their way to the peak of their career, all from becoming a background actor, you would want to try this path yourself as well. How would you call someone who is in good shape, got the perfect fit training and good acting skills? Stunt acting can be the right job for you. This can be a great way to not just pay the bills and your rent, but to get a good acting role in the film industry. Perhaps, at this point, you can see where you are heading. You can land in a career in theater or in the film industry, or most probably in the next job we will discuss.  

Television Acting Career

Television Acting Jobs
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Whether or not the opportunities offered in both film and television industry is equal, you have to take note that there are more shows produced on TV rather than in movies. Therefore, you can think about the number of jobs and roles available right now. George Clooney is just one of the actors who got his big break on TV. Usually, actors who play the roles in pilot episodes are given the recognition (although this may not be true to all). The idea is simple, while every potential talent fills their resume for a smaller role in an existing TV show, the guide below will take you to the path where the impossible will meet the possibility.

3 Step Guide to Land in a Television Role

Step 1: Booking for a Co-Star Role

This should allow you to have a role where you will only have a few lines to these few scenes. Although it may not sound rational since you wanted to be recognized in the boob tube, this is your first step to success. Wait until you would go to the second step.

Step 2: Booking for a Guest-Star Role

This is where you will have to play as an antagonist in an episode (or even more). If you notice in some TV series, villains or the “bad guys” may be the most hated characters, but you have to remember that this is synonymous to fame and success.

Step 3: Becoming a Regular TV Actor

Now that we have reached the final step, you can simply review that from start to end; it commonly begins from the bottom before it reaches to the top. The moment directors will recognize your talent and skills, landing in a regular television role is easy. If you would consider diving into the television acting career, prepare to take a leap every step you are taking in. Lastly, pursuing this career may need to be located in spots where your talent is on demand. There are a number of acting jobs in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, etc. These are a few places where most casting directors work and live.  

Commercial Acting Career

If you think commercial actors are not actors at all, think again. Although they may not require much of your skills and acting talent, it is still a career that can perfectly fit you. If you have the perfect looks for these commercials, then this might be the first step to your success.
Commercial Acting Jobs
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Unlike other jobs in acting we have discussed, commercials may be quick (Mostly, it only takes one day to shoot the entire commercial.), yet you can be paid real well. You can imagine how this job could be a steady source of income. National commercials are a great advantage. If you land in this kind of career, more people will recognize your talent and potential, not to mention, even ask you to audition in some other “better” roles. This could be a good start for your job. As a matter of fact, Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games) was discovered from an H&M commercial before she was given a greater role. Just because you have seen a good potential for your career getting into a commercial, doesn’t mean you have to do any. Make sure you splurge into a good and ‘legit’ one and most of all, a commercial where it can push your way to success.  

Voice Acting Career

Voice acting industry is crucial on its own. This isn’t just any supplemental or supporting tool for an acting project, rather, this job is as important as any other role. Voice-overs can be some job that can support and take care of your bills and rental pays. However, it requires one most important thing – your voice. If other acting jobs are able to expose your talent and skill, with this career, your voice will have to do all the drama. Just as any other acting careers, voice acting is an art. You can think about providing voices to featured films, TV programs, movies, commercials, and even games.  
Voice Acting Jobs
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  Voice talents may find this job a challenge or consider it a tough job. Surprisingly, there are still people who continue vying for the role in the industry. In fact, Atlanta used to be the leading market for voiceover performers. However, voice acting jobs in Atlanta later dried up when advertising agencies strengthened and took over in the industry and decided to set accounts in the major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago leaving the leader in the crumbs. Talking about the pay for a voice acting job, it depends on the project and your status in your union. But overall, voice actors are paid well and are given roles that can lead you to reach the height of your career. Perhaps, this overview of the five different acting careers will allow you to discover your perfect spot in the industry and enable you to grow and most of all expand your role. Share us your story, we want to hear from you.