Comedy Central TV Pilot for ‘Bad Couple’ Now Casting

Holly Bissonnette| January 22, 2016

An open casting call is being held for Comedy Central‘s casting for a TV pilot for a show called Bad Couple. The casting is for different roles for background actors who live in the Austin, Texas area.

Bad Couple is an upcoming show written and executive produced by real-life couple Noel Wells from Saturday Night Live and Flint Wainess. It is semi-autobiographical and follows the couple’s chaotic life.

Here are the following roles you can audition for.

Party Scene Casting Call

Party Guest

Any ethnicity welcome to audition. Male or female between 21 to 33 years old is needed. Only Texas residents with a valid Texas ID living near or in Austin should apply.

Other Featured Roles

Handsome Sean

Male age 21 to 30 years old who is friends with the main cast members is sought.

Mexican Michael Cera

Casting directors are looking for an actor who looks like a Hispanic Michael Cera.


Females of any ethnicity between ages 22 and 32 are needed to play the stylish friend of the group.

Funky-looking employee

Hispanic, male or female, aged 40 to 50, will play an employee who works at a bakery.

Toby the Hipster

Male, age 20 to 30, with very thin body, and of any ethnicity is needed.

Asian lesbian couple

Directors need Asian females between age 20 to 30 to play a lesbian couple.

Matthew McConaughey  lookalike

They are also looking for men who look like famous actor Matthew McConaughey.

Old man

Lastly, a Caucasian male aged between 50 to 60 is sought to play a man watering his lawn. He has to have a distinct look.

Please note the auditions are only for Texas residents with a valid Texas ID living in Austin or nearby. Only locals should apply.

If you think you fit the description for any of the abovementioned roles, please click on the link below to apply. Submission deadline is January 28, 2016.


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