“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Plays It Cool After the Super Bowl

All Sunday evening series have a certain understanding about Super Bowl Sunday. That is the night to pull out all the stops. Anything a show can do to capitalize on the enhanced number of viewers to get them to revisit the series should be done. Some common post-Super Bowl tactics are celebrity cameos, drastic twists in the plot, and increased production values for that episode. This year’s new hit sitcom “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” however, took a different approach. According to Entertainment Weekly, Brooklyn Nine-Nine played their post-Super Bowl episode very low key. The cameos were no more plentiful or grandiose than usual, no dramatic plot gimmicks or tricks, nothing out of the ordinary. The lack of flair applied to the episode showed a certain quiet confidence. The content of the show is solid and the producers know it, so they let it shine as always last Sunday. The tactic (if one wants to call it that) paid off as “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” still played to high ratings and the show’s success continues. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a new series this season. It is about the exploits of the detective bureau and new captain of the 99th Precinct of the New York Police Department. The TV series’ acting auditions gave jobs to the right candidates. It is known for its wit and clever comedic timing. It has had an extremely successful, award-winning premiere season.