Best Paranormal Reality Shows on TV

Paranormal reality shows are becoming extremely popular these days. With so many programs to choose from, television viewers are having trouble choosing the best. In this article, ExploreTalent presents you TV’s best paranormal reality TV shows.

Ghost Adventures (2008)

ghost adventures
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Ghost Adventures is a television series about the paranormal occurrences. The show premiered on October 17, 2008. It started as an indie film, but was produced in a documentary style. The documentary focused on the investigation of paranormal activities happening around Virginia City, Nevada.

A Haunting (2005)

a haunting
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A Haunting was a paranormal anthology television series. It depicts several accounts of possession and ghostly encounters. It featured several narrations and re-enactments of paranormal experience at specific residential locations.

Paranormal State (2007)

paranormal state
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Paranormal State is a paranormal reality TV series that centers on the investigations made by a group on alleged paranormal happenings at haunted locations. The show was subject to various controversies because there were some who were confused whether they were showing a real or a fake paranormal activity.

Ghost Hunters (2004)

ghost hunters
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Ghost Hunters features two paranormal investigators, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. Both investigated on places that were said to be haunted. They worked as plumbers at day and investigate locations at night.

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files (2010)

fact or faked
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Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files is more or less a paranormal investigation series, where a team of investigators review different photos and videos accused of paranormal activity. Whenever a piece of evidence is thought to be interesting, they conduct further investigation in order to properly explain the sighting.

Celebrity Ghost Stories (2009)

celebrity ghost stories
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Celebrity Ghost Stories premiered on October 3, 2009. Here, celebrities were interviewed regarding their paranormal experiences. The series lasted for about five seasons.

The Dead Files (2011)

the dead files
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The Dead Files is an American paranormal TV series that aired on September 23, 2011. Here, a psychic medium named Amy Allan and a former NYPD homicide detective investigated on reportedly haunted locations.

Haunted Highway

haunted highway
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Haunted Highway is a paranormal television investigation series that features two teams of investigators. They drove across the highways and roads of America so as to investigate on alleged paranormal sightings.

Paranormal Witness (2011)

Paranormal Witness
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Paranormal Witness is another paranormal documentary TV series that features stories from ordinary people who claim to have witnessed paranormal activities. The series first aired on Syfy last September 7, 2011. The show was renewed for another season that lasted for 12 episodes. Because of the high ratings of the series, it was then renewed for a third season having 20 different episodes.

Unsolved Mysteries (1987)

unsolved mysteries
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Unsolved Mysteries is a documentary TV series that featured real-life mysteries that include unsolved crimes, conspiracy theories and several unexplained paranormal sightings like ghosts, UFO’s and alien abduction. The show was best known for its spooky theme song, which was changed four times.