How to Become a Professional Dancer

Holly Bissonnette| November 19, 2013

Are you eager to know how to become a professional dancer? Do you want to bring your dancing career to a higher level and achieve more than what you are getting right now? Do you dream of dancing in movies like Magic Mike or else star in another Step Up sequel? If you answer affirmative to all these questions, then you have to come out of your shell. Start making use of all the classes you have taken and begin going to dance auditions.

The Makings of A Professional Dancer

If you’re really interested in becoming a professional dancer, then you have to find ways to be one. The essential thing of all is to gain the necessary experience. Performing on dancing auditions are even considered as experience by a lot of dancers. However, the real thing that you would want to appear on your resume are your performances in dance recitals, Broadway or theatre productions that contain dance sequences and even stints in television, films or reality series.

To be able to gain more experience, you really need to work at grooming yourself in becoming a better dancer. This is the first step to transform yourself from just a mere dancer to a professional dancer. The other dancing tips you should do can be found below:

1) Find a place for you to do your dance.

It is best if you can get yourself a spacious room or a dance studio, where you can practice. Make sure that the space will allow you to be free in expressing yourself and in moving your hands, feet and body to the music.

2) Dance in front of a mirror.

It is even better if your dance place or studio has a mirror you can dance in front of. This allow you to see yourself, your steps, your body alignment and everything else that could help you hone yourself better into becoming better. It is through this mirror that you can which dance moves or steps need more work or which part of your body you still need to work on. This will also let you see if your technique and extensions are working as you thought they would amd will let you experiment with your body movements.

Now, it is not enough that you have a mirror to work with while practicing dance. You should also ensure that your clothes are not too tight or too loose. Choose the right dancing outfit that will let you see your entire body on the mirror.

3) Learn the basics.

In everything, even in dance, it is always best to begin with the basics. You will have a better grasp of the more complicated dance moves or sequences if you are already well-versed with all the basic movements. Plus, this will also help when you will begin to spread out and expand your knowledge of other dance genres.

If you are a hip-hop dancer, it is imperative that you should also learn a ballet or jazz. If you’re a contemporary ballroom dancer, you have to expand and try out the traditional or freestyle. If you can, then you should focus on enhancing your strengths on one dance style while gaining knowledge about others. This will allow you to be versatile and will prepare you such reality dance competitions as So, You Think You Can Dance.

4) Deal with your consciousness while dancing.

Most dancers easily lose concentration. The usual reasons for dancers to lose their focus include the surroundings, the co-auditionees and even themselves. You should work at eliminating this though, especially if you are in the path of going to more and more dance auditions. You need to find ways to go around your consciousness of the things around you, so that you can center yourself more on yourself and your dance performance.

You can also make sure to the do the things that can relieve you of unnecessary stress during auditions. These include coming earlier than the call time as this will give you time to familiarize yourself with the surroundings. Coming early will also allow you ample time to warm up before the audition, which can help in calming yourself nerves.

5) Always make it a point to dance in public and have fun.

You will only become a professional dancer if you can find it in your heart to stick the art and make it a career. If you have the passion to dance, then you have a better chance of making it not just in the dance industry, but also in show business if you believe this is the path for you. If you have been taking classes since forever and you are still doubtful if you really wish to pursue dancing as a career, then maybe this is not for you and you should think about doing something else instead.

If you have the heart to dance, you will easily find a way to have fun even during dancing auditions. Performing well should not only be based on the steps and music, it should come from your innermost soul. This is the most essential secret you could learn on how to become a professional dancer.



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