‘Bad Moms’, Starring Mila Kunis, Now Casting

Holly Bissonnette| December 9, 2015


Looking to become a part of a film starring Mila Kunis and Christina Applegate? Here’s your chance to pursue your dream. Casting directors of Bad Moms, a film that stars Kunis and Applegate, are seeking talents to fill in background roles in scenes that will be filmed starting early January to February.

Bad Moms centers on the perfect life of a mother who decides to join forces with two other over-stressed mothers. Then she leads them to a journey to free themselves from their day-to-day responsibilities. Now that they have freedom, they accidentally cross paths with PTA head, Gwendolyn, and her blindly dedicated circle of “perfect” mothers.

Although the filming dates are not yet final, the casting team is currently accepting applicants for various background roles. Video submissions are accepted, but it doesn’t have to be professional. They are specifically looking for talents to play the following roles:

· Ping Pong Players

Men, aged 20 to 29 with a Hipster vibe and has ping pong experience, are encouraged to apply for the role. If you choose to submit a video, please make sure it shows you playing ping pong.

· Women

Women with Zumba experience, aged 20 to 49, are needed to portray background roles in a Zumba scene.

· Zumba Instructor

Casting directors want to cast men or women, aged 18 to 45 and has Zumba experience, in the role Zumba instructor. In the video submission, make sure you are in your workout attire doing Zumba.

· Boys on Bikes

Two boys, aged 14 to 17, who can act and can ride a bike, may apply for the role boys on bikes. The video submission must show you sitting on the bike, reacting as if  the girl you admire is walking by.

· Supermarket Manager

The casting team is looking for a male in his 30s to 50s to play supermarket manager. To apply, your video submission should show your reaction to seeing an outrageous incident happening in your store.

· Busboy

A male in his mid 20s is needed to play busboy. The video submission must show your uncomfortable reaction when a customer hits you.

To be considered in any of the roles above, please submit your video via e-mail with your desired role in the subject line. Make sure you include your name, contact number, location, and a photo of yourself. If you are submitting your child, please put the child’s name, his or her birth date, the name of the parents, and their contact details.

The deadline for all submissions is on January 7, 2016.



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