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Acting Tips from Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscars 2014 Experience

Holly Bissonnette| March 10, 2014

When it comes to acting tips from Hollywood celebrities, we can definitely learn from show business’ current darling, Jennifer Lawrence. She has been nominated for her third Academy Award this year as Best Supporting Actress for American Hustle, but lost to 12 Years A Slave’s Lupita Nyong’o. Despite that, J.Law remained in high spirits throughout the night showing genuine support and affection for all the celebrities around her.

It is the little things about this 23-year old Kentucky-native that make her an inspiration to aspiring actors. Her contributions to the Entertainment may be huge with portrayals in movies like Winter’s Bone and Silver Lining Playbook, but it is her candid personality and her ability to mix a “normal” person’s life into the glitz and glamour of Hollywood that makes her a good role model to future actors.

Trip (the second time) and just Laugh it Off

We all know by now that Jennifer Lawrence can be clumsy, with her tripping on her gown in 2013’s Oscars. She got up, shook it off and laughed about it as she delivered her acceptance speech. She may not have won her Oscar this year, but she was able to laugh off another unfortunate tumble, this time on the red carpet.

This unfortunate repeat can be figuratively viewed as: no matter how hard and embarrassing your fall could be, you need to get up, smile and wave it off like it did not happen. Sure people are going to talk about it or laugh at you, but it is all momentary. What matters most is despite your shortcomings (her clumsiness), at the end of the day, you pull through and that makes her a winner in her own right.

Jennifer Lawrence trips again at the Oscars 2014
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Throwing Caution to the Wind

In the same light, Jennifer is one of those celebrities who are comfortable with who they are. She does not try hard to mask her true self even if it meant people would refer to her as a person without class. She was always the type to throw caution to the wind and just have fun. We can see that as she wolfed down that pizza Ellen DeGeneres ordered for the nominees or with her sitting on Meryl Streep’s laugh for a group photo.

But this is not to say that class is not important in the business, it is. Although sometimes actors just need to be reminded that they have to stop clenching their jaws and sucking their bellies in. They need to relax, have fun and just enjoy the moment; and indeed what a fun night that was.

Jennifer Lawrence Eating Pizza at Oscars 2014
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You Don’t Get To Win All the Time

Jennifer truly understands the premise that in this industry we do not get to win it all. She may have bagged several awards this year, but she took Lupita’s win with much grace and with her full support. If we were to ask the people during the Oscars, they could tell that J.Law was truly happy for Lupita even when she jokingly tried to snatch the trophy from her.

Show business is not a perfect world and with the number of amazing talents everyone has to compete with, there will be a time that an actor has to concede that other actors are in fact better in some acting jobs. Being a sore loser never gets an actor anywhere. What they can do instead is try harder and be better.

Jennifer Lawrence Jokingly Grabs Lupita Nyongo Oscar
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Genuine Love for the Job Always Pays Off

That old adage that says “choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” rings true especially in the Entertainment business. To many of these celebrities dressing up for an Awards night is already hard work in its own right, but people like J.Law makes that sacrifice to pay homage to the art of acting, not the fame.

She has definitely come a long way at a very young age and the only thing that enabled her to do that was her love for acting. This love inspires her to put on a very good performance even with a supporting role in a movie.

Jennifer Lawrence may have played hilarious stunts at the Oscars 2014, but hilarity aside, there is a deeper meaning to every stunt she pulls off that could be a pivotal lesson to a would-be actor. They can use these lessons as actors tips and inspirations they can use in forthcoming acting auditions and jobs.



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