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ABC’s Wipeout Extreme Casting Call for Contestants

Kathryn Whitworth| January 28, 2015

Do you want to earn some big bucks while having fun?

Producers are looking for athletes who can be part of the extreme edition of the most popular obstacle course in history.

ABC’s Wipeout first premiered on June 24, 2008. It is a game show that features contestants competing in what they billed as literally the “world’s largest obstacle course.” The objective of the game is to compete through a series of obstacles where contestants move on to the next round after successfully finishing the course.


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The concept of the game was based on various Japanese game shows most notably Sasuke and Takeshi’s Castle.

The first round of the obstacle course is called the qualifier. It is here where 24 contestants go head to head in a four or five part obstacle course. If a contestant fails to pass a certain obstacle, they must swim or crawl through mud to get to the next obstacle.  Out of the 24 contestants, those 12 with the fastest time will go the next round.

The second round of the obstacle course would usually involve famous obstacle courses like The Sweeper, King of the Mountain and Overdrive.

The last course of the game is called the Wipeout Zone. It is here where only 3 of the original 24 contestants compete against each other for the coveted prize. The person with fastest time around the course is considered as the winner. The players are either launched sliding down a water ramp or being launched by giant catapult or blob into the course.

Various versions of the Wipeout Zone have been featured in every season of the game show. The game show is also quite famous for putting in famous spins into the show. Many of its popular versions include Winter Wipeout, Spring Wipeout and Superbowl Wipeout. Superbowl Wipeout was aired during the Superbowl season.

The person who wins the game takes home $ 50,000.


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