8-Year-Old Girl’s Astonishing Whitney Houston Cover

Kathryn Whitworth| April 2, 2015


Crystal Lee may just be eight years old, but this has not stopped her from pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Aside from her beautiful face, the young girl has gained recognition for her acting talent and most recently her vocal prowess.

Known to her fans as the “Little Diva”, Crystal first broke into the entertainment scene in the 2011 feature film Great Day.

It was later followed by a role in the 2012 film Viral Factor, where she starred opposite Asia’s biggest action star namely Jay Chou and Nicholas Tse. The movie tells the story of an agent who contemplates leaving the force until he learns that his own brother is working as a mercenary for a former colleague who betrayed the team.

Crystal’s singing chops was put on the spotlight with a 5-minute video, where she covered Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You“.

In the video, Crystal is inside a recording a studio, where she was recorded singing one of Houston’s most popular songs. The young girl picked out the song to honor the singer, whom she idolizes.

Below is Crystal Lee’s wonderful cover of Houston’s immortal song:




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