7 Crucial Things You should Know about Modeling Auditions

Just like any other professionals who need to undergo interviews, models also need to go through modeling auditions or go-sees to get jobs. The need to impress fashion designers, photographers, and art directors are among others who’ll be working with them during the entire fashion production. Here are 7 crucial things you should know about modeling auditions.  

What to Do to Impress the Judging Panel:

Judging panel
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1. Start with your hair and makeup.

Hair and makeup
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Some go-sees have their own hair stylist and makeup artists, while others will not provide you with any. Keep practicing makeup applications since they’ll also be vital as you venture into modeling.  

2. Get to know the client to satisfy their needs.

Photographers, fashion designers, art directors and company owners will be very pleased if you know more about them. Keep in mind that you will be auditioning for the next face of their product, so you have to know what they will want from you.  
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3. Have some background check of the industry you will be working for.

research your job
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Just because you only have a few experience does not mean you will not be choosy with the company you will work with. Always remember that as a model, you always have a choice. If you second guess the company you work for, you need to do some research. If you have doubts with the company, you can report it to model unions that safeguard the rights and welfare of models.  

4. Always give importance to the client’s time by coming in early.

Be on time
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Be at least 15-30 minutes earlier than the call time for them to prepare you, or the makeup artist and hair stylist, during the audition.  

5. Give a lasting impression.

Lasting Impression
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Keep in mind that your best weapon for modeling auditions is your personality. Let your personality shine through the entire audition venue. Stand out by showing them the best that you got through your walk, your smile and your poses.  

6. Never forget your professional portfolio containing 10 to 25 photographs.

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Your portfolio is the best tool you will have in each modeling audition you will go through. So, you need to have at least 10 photos for your portfolio including old to recent photos of you on print during runway shows and editorial modeling works.  

7. Prepare for rejections and take on ways to avoid them.

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Multiple rejections are expected for someone who’s interested in modeling auditions to get their career as a model. This is especially true to teenagers who want to begin their careers in modeling. Here are helpful tips for you to avoid rejections and boost your self-esteem to be able to pursue your career:
  • Give time for yourself to grow and develop your skills in modeling.
  • You must not underestimate your own personality.
  • There are lots of works other than editorial and runway modeling; keep your options open.
  • Expand through other areas of the entertainment business—get into film and TV shows.
  • Modeling is not forever, Finish School.
  • Rejections should not be taken lightly, so as not to take them that seriously.
  • Do your research and use them as a weapon to be lucrative in your career.
  • Subscribe to fashion magazines and study them.
  • Get inspiration from supermodels to boost your self-confidence.
  • Keep practicing in front of the mirror.
  • Have a healthy lifestyle.
  Always be optimistic. When you show that you are easy to deal with, then lots of companies and/or product owners will want to work with you. Do good with every modeling auditions and you will surely be prosperous with your career. Are you looking for modeling auditions in you area? Check out our complete list of modeling casting calls here.