5 Ways to Get Over A Stressful Pilot Season of TV Auditions

Holly Bissonnette| June 8, 2014

The busiest time in TV industry has just ended and like every year, producers and casting directors have been holding nonstop TV auditions for the past eight weeks to cast actors for new pilot episodes. For eight weeks they try their best to see one actor after the other for varied roles. The pressure of producing a good pilot is there, but there is more pressure in casting the right actor for the role.

On the actor’s end, pilot season also means dashing from one audition after the other in the hopes of getting cast on a pilot that can potentially get picked up for a regular season order. This seemingly endless search can mean a lot of stress for the actor, too, especially when they have to cram as many auditions in eight weeks as they can.

Work Pressure and Stress Need Not Affect Acting Auditions

Sometimes, the pressure and the stress can get to actors, which can often lead to disappointment especially if they could not land any role at all. However, they should always remember that this season is going to pass and there is no need to stress over it. Also, everyone is working hard during this period, but it is important that they do not let it get into their heads and affect more auditions in the future.

To help actors overcome feelings of disappointment, anxiety and stress during and after every pilot season, here are some tips for success in acting that will help an actor successfully survive this season:

1. Think: it’s nothing personal.

The decisions that producers and casting directors make are not personal. These people are doing their job and that is to look for the right actor give life to the characters of the show. If an actor does not get cast on a role, it is not because the producers do not like them as a person or as an actor, but simply it means the actor is not the right fit for the role.

2. Not getting cast does not determine one’s future.

Pilot seasons only occur two to four months each year and these shows are not even guaranteed that they will get picked up for a whole season. The season does not determine one’s acting career, especially not those who do not get cast on a pilot. Actors should not equate it as the end of the world for them. What is a few months of rejection compared to years of waiting for the right acting jobs, right?

3. Actors are humans, not robots.

This season can get pretty crazy with castings and productions all in full swing. Actors who would want to be part of a pilot also push themselves to all the acting auditions they can get their hands on not thinking that their minds and bodies need time to rest. Especially younger actors who try out for kid auditions, they need to slow down and relax at some point.

4. Wait for the right time.

Not getting a role on a pilot during the season is not a reason to get depressed as there will be better opportunities. All they need is the patience to wait for the right opportunity to open for them. There is no need to rush as things will happen naturally in the business if they are really the right people for the job.

5. Stay open to all opportunities.

In line with what is said above, not getting in this season’s pilot offerings does not mean actors can never get in. There are many other acting opportunities out there that will be worthy of their talent. They can also move between different job opportunities like movie auditions or try something else in other locations.

Never Give up Trying

There are things that actors do not have control over, like getting rejected from an audition, but that should discourage them for life. They should never conclude that they have failed as actors just because they failed to get cast in one pilot after they have been seen by hundreds of casting directors. This stuff happens all the time.

If for this season they failed to secure themselves an acting job, they should take this as an opportunity to learn from acting tips and improve their skill in acting. Moreover, they should take the situation more positively and think that there are in fact more auditions available the whole year round. All they have to do is work harder and never give up.  Actors have their whole acting careers filled with opportunities, so what is getting rejected from a few TV auditions for pilot episodes, right?



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