5 Tips that Will Assist Young Actors in Preparing for Auditions

Holly Bissonnette| May 26, 2014

Auditions will always be part of an actor’s life. Whether you are a young actor trying to break through into the entertainment industry or a seasoned professional who has been in the business for a while, you have to go through this process to get the roles you want. If you are a supportive parent who is with your kid with everything he goes through, then expect for these tryouts to also be part of almost your every waking moment.

The great thing about being in the acting industry though is that your child will always have the opportunity to improve himself, with you guiding him along. Even if he repeatedly faced rejections, the chances to move on to another audition and redeem himself are plenty, especially at his age.

So, as both of you go along the journey of auditioning, getting rejected and doing it all over again, continue researching on things that will help your kid enhance his audition skills. Also, make it a point to find out how to improve more on his getting ready for these auditions. Getting booked for projects is no reason for both of you to be complacent on your preparations.

Below are just some of pointers you might like to take into consideration as you prepare your kid for auditions or casting calls that he has been scheduled for:

1. Learn the background of a project’s time period. 

Generally, kids will only have a vague idea about the time period of the projects they are auditioning for, especially when they are set during pioneer times. So, it is up to you as a parent to give him an idea about it. Let him view videos that will allow him to visually learn the life during those times when all the comforts he is used to were not yet available. You can find these videos on YouTube.

2. Understand the setting. 

A lot of young actors have been known to go right into their lines that they tend to forget to look into the setting of the part they are reading for. Your kid will be able to deliver a more effective audition if you will lead him to know how he would have felt had he been in the same place as the character and in the same weather. Guide him into questioning why the character did what he was doing as this will allow him to build up on his emotions better.

 3. Stay away from viewing other actors’ portrayal of a character. 

Although it is not bad to study how other actors portrayed the character your child is about to audition for, it is always better to start fresh. Direct your kid into bringing his own sensibilities and personality into the role. He will be able to interject his own flavor into the character if he was not riddled with images of how it was portrayed by another.

4. Delve into the plot of the story. 

Look more deeply into the plot. Ask questions behind the character’s actions. Through this, you will be able to guide your child into knowing not just more about the story, but also about the role he is meant to read lines for. It will give him more ideas into how he can effectively channel his emotions into his portrayal.

5. Find clues in the lines. 

Instruct your kid to search for several clues in what his role is doing and saying. Tell him to ask himself why his character is doing this or saying that.

Not being able to view life from a role’s eyes is one of the most common mistakes actors make. As such, it can somehow be expected that as a young actor, your kid will need your help or that of an acting coach to bring to their mind the proper questions, which will help them learn about the place and time wherein their character resided.

However, you should never allow yourself and your kid to be caught up in laying open every line of a script. Although it is helpful for your child to have a sense of the motive behind an action and the time and place where it happened, he still needs to maintain his naturalness in portraying a character. At times, it is when they are unaffected when they can deliver their lines best during acting auditions. So, your work is to find the right balance wherein your kid is able to get a character’s emotion and portray it in a convincing manner without having to go overboard.

Young actors like your child are quite perceptive. It will not be too hard to lead them into knowing how to prepare themselves better for everything they need to go through in the acting world. All they need is a gentle guiding hand that will direct them to the right path, especially in the way they tackle all the auditions they go to.



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