5 Tips for More Successful Theater Dance Auditions

Beginner or not, you will fare better with your theater dance auditions if you will heed some of the most effective dancing tips out there. Auditioning for dancing parts in any musical play can be quite stressful and the best thing you can do to deal with every circumstance you may encounter is to be fully prepared.  Although you will usually be given a dance routine to perform during your auditions, you might also be asked to do something that you have prepared beforehand. So, it is always better to be ready for anything. You will go through different kinds of pressure when going solo or performing in a group during theater dance auditions. While you don’t have to rely on anyone when dancing alone and you can make improvisations when you do forget your steps and make mistakes, you will have less to work with when it comes to formations and impressive synchronicity. You need to ensure that you have a very strong technique and outstanding choreography so your dance piece can command the attention of the casting panel. Aside from ensuring that you deliver clean lines and superb technique during your dance auditions, here are some dancing tips you can pay attention to before you head on to your theater dance auditions:

Know your materials.

Make sure that you know every dance piece you chose to perform by heart. This is very essential if you will be asked to dance your own piece during yourauditions. Also, be aware of the given time. Your performance should not go beyond the time limit imposed. Avoid performing dance routines that are not in line with the usual “theatrical dance” routines. You are auditioning for a theater play, so they will expect you not to do any cramping or hip-hop moves. If you do not have any idea on what to perform, it is best if you will watch some videos of theater plays and observe the dance routines in them.

Wear the proper outfit.

In theater plays, dancers usually wear leotards and tights with their hair properly tied and a pair of dancing shoes.  Never wear baggy shirt and jeans. These are not comfortable clothes to dance in, thus you will have a hard time in performing your dance routines.

Give your best dance performance.

Since you will only have limited time to perform, make sure you give your best in your every dance routine.  If you missed one step, try to improvise and keep going. Never stop, say sorry and ask to start all over again. Your performance and dancing abilities are being judged, not the choreography. If you will are given a choreographed routine for the main audition piece, make sure you learn the dance moves quickly. Do not forget to maintain the proper dancer’s posture as well, as doing otherwise will definitely mar your performance no matter what. Also ensure that your muscles are warmed up before you start your performance by doing stretching exercises at least 30 minutes before your scheduled performance.

Show your personality and exude a strong stage presence.

These are very important factors you need to posses in auditioning for dance roles in theater plays. They are instrumental in letting the casting panel know about how confident, interested and passionate you are on what you are doing.  While focusing on your performance, never forget to let your personality shine through and remember to smile at the right moments.

Do not forget to bring your headshots and Resume.

These are the tools that you should never be without for every audition. All casting people look for these two materials as they are among the things the casting directors will look into in making a decision on whether to hire you for a dancing job or not. So, if you are in the process of preparing yourself for your theater dance auditions, the advice mentioned above are among the best that you can follow. They may not be all that you can do to ensure the success of your auditions, but as dancing tips go, they are among the most effective.