5 Steps Towards that Perfect “Smize” During Modeling Jobs

The ability to “smize” perfectly has become a popular requirement for successful modeling jobs. You have probably heard of this famous word from one of the most well-known super models Tyra Banks during her reality modeling competition, “America’s Next Top Model”. “Smizing” is the term used when you smile through your eyes instead of your lips. Smiling through your eyes is one of the effective ways to capture the attention of the person looking at your picture. Since it was popularized in America’s Next Top Model, smizing has become a big trend in the modeling world. As a result, most print models nowadays now try so hard to get Tyra Bank’s smizing effect on their photos. While there are those who know how to “smize” just right, there are others who seem to be doing it all wrong. Instead of getting a smoldering sexy look, they end up looking downright scary instead. Smiling through your eyes might be not so easy to achieve, but there are ways on how to do it right. Below are some modeling tips that will help you achieve that “smize” perfectly: 1. Take a deep breath and relax. Have you observed that when you are nervous, your jaw and your lips tighten? Can you smile without struggling to move your lips? Can you smile without looking so stiff? Nervousness is the main reason you look stiff in your poses. It makes your muscles tighten up causing you to move rigidly and pose with more limitations. You can prevent this from happening though by taking a deep breath. This will help you relax and loosen every muscle in your body.

2. Find a focal point.

During photo shoots, every model has a focal point.  It is important for you to find this, so your eyes won’t drift just about anywhere. Find something or someone that will serve as the central point of your attention. This could be the camera, the photographer, or the person behind the photographer.

3. Slightly tilt your chin down or up.

This will help you achieve the great “smize” you want. Tilting down your chin a little bit gives an effect of looking from out under your eyelids. Just do not overdo it because it will make you look like you are bowing down or looking down too much. You can also pull your shoulders down as this could help in pulling your head further up and facing forward.

4. Practice using your eyes. 

Try to do a bit of squinting. Use only your eye muscles. Keep practicing until you are able to do it right without moving your facial muscles.

5. Focus on your smile.

The best way to “smize” is to smile with your mouth closed or with closed lips. This might be hard to achieve because you might be used to smile with your mouth open or showing your teeth. But, in time and with lots of practice, you will be able to do it. Once you are done with following these steps, practicing and committing them to heart, it is time for you to “smize”. Tilt your head a little bit, concentrate on your focal point, squint a little and smile through your eyes. This is one of the best tools you can carry with you during all of your modeling jobs.