5 Recommended Voice Over Training and Workshops

Choosing a career in the voice acting industry has never been easy. There are several key things that voice actors need to consider aside from having the knack for it. Voice actors cannot deliver their lines insensibly as if they were reading it straight out of the script. They need inject some emotions and depth into the voices that they are portraying. Aside from injecting enthusiasm into their voice acting jobs, they need to put their heart into it. A voice actor also needs to be open and willing to learn and grow in the industry. For that, there are different workshops and training classes that can help them hone their voice over skills and improve the outcome of their acting auditions. If an actor wants to pursue this career, they need to be a part of the voice actor’s community and immerse in it. Here are some voice over training classes and workshop centers they can check out:

1. HB Studio

The Herbert Berghof Studio specializes on specific techniques with relevance to commercial and radio voice acting. They opened their doors for growth and experience for desirable voice actors by providing an opportunity for young talents to establish roots on their chosen craft. HB Studio is one of the leading and most effective workshop centers in New York City.

Aspiring voice actors can enroll themselves in a two-weekend session, which will cost them around $160. These workshops offer tools and training that will help them master both their craft and performing effectively as a voice over talent. One of their most notable faculty members is veteran stage actor Mark Blum. They constantly post updates on their website including schedules for workshops and classes.

2. Voice One

Owned and managed by Elaine Clark, Voice One in San Francisco offers regular and extensive workshop programs including Home Recording, a Boot Camp for Voiceovers and a separate program for Video Game voice overs. All these programs are conducted in their 2500 sq ft. studio which includes a recording studio, a 30-seat theater, and classified rooms for both beginners and professionals, which are equipped modernized voice tools.

Their programs span from basic to advanced level classes that cater to professionals who would like to improve their skills even more. Enhancement programs and sessions are also offered to make voice-overs marketable in the industry. In addition to that, they also offer several online videos and tutorials, which are very convenient for some of their students.

3. PDR Voice-Over Coaching

PDR Voice-Over Coaching has built its foundations for aspiring voice actors that show great potential and skill in New York City. Four weeks into the Art of Voice-Over Acting course, actors can mold their skills before moving up to acting auditions. They can do this while discovering how would they could compete and get through the industry all with the help of the veteran voice actor, Peter Rofé.

They offer several extensive and qualified techniques that will help voiceovers prepare well not just for auditions, but also for maintaining a strong voice acting career in the future. At the end of the course, talents are asked to create and produce a demo with Rofé playing an integral part of its recording and production process. PDR also offers classes for voice casting directors and remote coaching.

4. Edge Studio

Edge Studio is one of the most prolific coaching centers in the whole country, with branches in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Connecticut. Holding offices in different key cities in the country allows them to provide training to their students no matter which state they are located. They have successfully provided the industry with several talents and productions over the years.

To achieve the satisfying high-grade production, they provide professional advice for actors with the help of more than 30 accomplished and acclaimed voice instructors. With their four-phase course and classified courses, there is never an excuse for the students not to learn effective techniques and skills. Edge Studio also offers tele-classes and webinars for the convenience of aspiring voice talents.

5. Shut Up and Talk

Shut Up and Talk has been offering breakthrough voice over knowledge since 2001. Cracking the Voice Over Code, one of their flagship programs, is a six-week workshop that starts around the 16th of June and offers voice work out and coaching sessions with intense and a more focused instruction. Headed by Ed Lewis, a commercial casting director, the workshop provides participants with real-life studio experience and allows voice overs to hear their demos in the professional environment.

With their diverse experience and training, surely, that would enable their students to learn. This will also help them to the move towards the paths of a successful voice acting career. Lewis also offers one-on-one coaching sessions and helps students design a personalized plan they will be comfortable with.

Not everyone has the talent for voice-over jobs, but with the help of coaching and workshops, they can easily acquire the skill, and a good one at that. But, like we said, skill is not just the main factor in voice acting. An actor needs to put their heart and some emotions into it. If they have all that down pat, actors can expand their horizons not just with acting jobs in movies and TV shows, but also with voice overs and voice acting on animated films. and that was the recomended voice over training