5 Reasons Parents Should Not Deter Children from Acting

Holly Bissonnette| June 20, 2014

If your child tells you that they want to pursue acting, it is best not to discourage them. While it might be understandable for you to consider its ramifications on your kid’s well-being and development, it is often better for you to support your child’s aspirations. Dissuading them from following their dreams when they have already made up their minds will only lead to bad results.

As a parent of an aspiring young actor though, you have a responsibility to back up your kid’s decisions by assisting them in their endeavors. You have to help them build up their knowledge about the entertainment industry and harness their talents and skills in this field. Although becoming an actor can be quite a challenge, it is your role to make it bearable for your kid.

If you are still having doubts about allowing your child to enter this competitive industry, here are several reasons that can convince you to allow them to go after what they want:

1. You can never say no to what gives your child joy.

One of the things that are quite important for parents is to engaging their children in something that catches their interest. This is an effective way of knowing what your child is passionate about and what brings them joy.

If it is performing on stage or before a camera that brings happiness to your kid’s eyes, then there is no reason for you to say no to it. Even if the industry is quite competitive, it can provide a lot of potential gains for your child aside from the income that can be earned. They will also learn to be more confident and to acquire excellent work ethics that they could bring with them until they grow up. Plus, there is no better gift you can give them than allowing them to do what they love most of the time.

2. The world will be less colorful without actors in it.

Throughout history, we have always had great storytellers and actors are among them. Because of this, they are considered to be one of the integral parts of human existence and can therefore be described as amazing.

Judy Kerr, author of Acting is Everything, defines an actor as someone who lives their life and uses their experiences in enabling an audience to get a feel of their emotions and what their life is all about.  Thus, the tough part of being an actor is being able to catch the heart of viewers through their interpretation of their roles. What makes it even tougher is that not everyone can actually act.

3. All misconceptions and negativities about the profession should be ignored.

Actors are often accused to be professional liars. If this is so, the audience might also be participating in the shared lie, isn’t it? The acting industry has been barraged with a lot of negativities and misconceptions for what seems like forever. However, it has persisted amidst all the displeasure and hate and is still considered an art by many.

Even though there are people who say that acting is not a serious job, they actually do not know how strenuous it is, both psychologically and physically. Although, it has always been viewed with suspicion, it is better to stay open-minded and optimistic. Instead of alarming your child with bad information about the entertainment industry, allow them to discover what the industry is really about on their own.

4. It is a parent’s role to support their child.

Your encouragement is vital if you want your child to seriously pursue their dreams. Supporting their choices is the least but the most important thing you can do for them. Showing them your willingness in taking them to different acting auditions could boost their enthusiasm and let them know you have got their back.

As rejections are among the inevitability of the industry, your support can also help lessen your child’s frustrations as they go through them. It is important that you are able to instill confidence in them during these times and to constantly remind them that these refusals will always be part of life.

Teach them how to handle every rejection positively by learning from the experience and using it to improve their abilities. Plus, supporting your kid also means assisting them to always be prepared for everything and anything that could happen to them in the industry.

5. Your child should be allowed to make their own decisions.

If there comes a point when your kid’s interest in becoming an actor wanes, allow them to decide on whether to pursue their aspirations or to just stop. Doing this will boost their capabilities to do some good decision-making. This is one of the ways wherein you can teach them to take responsibility of their own life.

Trust your children. You need to allow them to make mistakes and to learn from them. Do not get mad when they change their mind. Rather, show them that you value their decisions. Instead of reprimanding them like a boss, be their coach who is always there to back them up and guide them in their every move.

Despite its possible challenges and failures, going into the entertainment industry can be quite an extraordinary experience for both you and your child. For your kid to succeed in the acting business though, they should have the passion and the eagerness as well as the parents to support them all the way.



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