5 Common Reasons You Fail to Land an Acting Role

Holly Bissonnette| February 12, 2014

Fed up with all the acting advice given to you before going to an audition? Are there times when you just don’t know what to do to win the heart of the casting director so you can land the role you want? A lot of actors know how it feels like to wait for long hours during auditions and never getting the roles that they wanted at the end.  Just like you, they questioned themselves why they were not able to make it.

There are several reasons a great number of actors fail in auditions and these include:

  • Looks.  Are you pretty enough or not? Casting director often search for actors or actresses that look pleasing in front of the camera. This simply means that they like those who are not only attractive but also knows how to project themselves well on camera. There are also times when a pretty face won’t really matter. Sometimes it is also having the looks that fit the character or role you are auditioning for.
  • Height. You should know your limits. Do not audition for roles that require tall actors if you are not that tall. Look closely at the requirements for a certain role especially when it comes to such things as height. You will never be able to make up for this in any way.
  • Your body size.  Lean or muscled, petite, average, fat, super thin, athletic or whatever body size you have, you need to make sure that this is what is being required for a certain role. Remember that body size is also very important as this is very specific to characters or roles in productions, whether for movies, television or theatre. If you think you’re body size is not suited for a role, then you really need to think twice before auditioning
  • Hair . Before going to the audition, you must know what features are being looked for in a certain role. One example of this is the hair. If you know what they are looking for exactly like blond or brunette or curly-haired,  then at least you will have time to prepare yourself and do something with your hair as the role suggests.
  • Age limits. Most roles require a specific age. So, you must choose to audition for a role that falls in your age range.
  • Flexibility. Your techniques and flexibility as an actor are very important. You should be ready to play different characters as there are times when casting directors will require you to play a character that you did not set out to audition for. But, if you are prepared, then you will be able to handle this kind of curve ball.

Failing and being rejected in auditions are not exactly bad. Consider them as challenges for you. Don’t look at them in a negative light, instead look at them positively. Many actors lose confidence when they fail during acting auditions, but don’t let this happen to you. Remember that experience is the best teacher and failures will help you gain more confidence for your next audition. Always keep in mind that anything can happen. All you have to do is give it your best shot and trust yourself and thats how to not fail.

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