4 Secrets to Keeping Child Actors Genuine and Humble

Holly Bissonnette| June 28, 2014

Parents usually get this overwhelming sense of satisfaction and pride when they see how their child actors are driven to succeed in the acting industry. However, casting directors have always been keen about looking for potential talents who possess more than just passion and confidence. They also love kids who are well-mannered and who stay grounded even if they have already reached a level of success at a young age.

As a parent of an aspiring actor, you might have been responsible for helping your kid prepare for castings and auditions. You worked with them on harnessing their looks, charisma, talent, and how they approach other people. You might have oriented them on what they can and cannot do. But, casting directors are simply looking for somebody real. They are looking for genuine kids who act accordingly.

So, how can you help your kid remain real? The answer lies as much in you as your child. While it is good for them to be full of passion to succeed in the business, it is even better if they are able to blend naturally with their environment. Plus, they also have to be committed enough to handle all their responsibilities and maintain the kind of consistency desired in the industry.

If you are looking for ways to keep your child as grounded and genuine as they can be, here are a few secrets that might help you:

1. Create a Balance.

Your child needs more than just talent and skills to perform effectively and get the acting jobs you are both aiming for. However, this does not mean that you should push your kid to the limit. This will only build up anxiety and frustrations.

As much as possible, create a balance between work and leisure. Remember, a child will always be a child. You should not limit their horizons just because they are finally getting the big opportunities you were aiming for.

Allow them to venture and discover new things. Let them experience and savor their childhood. Let them maximize their time for school, youth groups, sports, clubs and other activities not related to acting. Encouraging them to do all these will help them broaden their relationships with others and develop skills to learn about life’s experiences, which in turn will help them succeed in their chosen career.

2. Maintain Friendships.

For some children, making friends comes naturally. Others though may struggle to fit in. But, when your child gets into the acting industry, meeting various types of people is most likely to happen.

A new environment can bring in fresh acquaintances and a new circle of friends can be established especially when they are working on the field of acting. On the other hand, the possibility of losing some of their old friends due to their hectic schedules might happen.

Because you are a parent, you do not want your child to be left behind when it comes to social activities. So, if you feel that their friends are slipping away, you might like to find a way to keep them connected.

Friendships are important because they help your child bring out the different aspects of their personality. As you watch your child grow, you will have the opportunity to support them as they experience a multitude of emotions that comes with forming friendships.

3. Volunteer.

Even with their hectic schedules, professional actors still find time to participate in charitable organizations. The intrinsic value of volunteering is about gaining experience, meeting new people or just giving back to the community.

Volunteerism is not about getting famous and the money. It should not be measured that way.

Allowing your child to volunteer is a great way for them to learn about giving back. Usually, children acquire different life skills while “on the job”.  Socially active children are more likely to become humble and respectful. Consequently, nothing is better than giving service to others without waiting for anything in exchange.

4. Allow them to take the lead.

You can never prevent your child from being one. If there are times when recreational activities have been set and a sudden call for an acting job comes along, allow them to choose where to go. Although this job might already be the big break you have been waiting for, pushing your kid to take it might lead to disappointments and frustrations on both sides.

Opening up on topics about careers and future with your child enables them to think about what they want for themselves. If they want to pursue acting, allow them to get training in acting, but make sure that they do not miss their childhood or leave out their social lives.

Give them your all-out support and provide the tools for them to strive in the industry as well as in all aspects of life. And always remember, for your child to become an actor, they need not only be skilled in performances. What really attract casting directors are the natural and genuine qualities of your child.

As a parent, you play a large role in nurturing your child’s characteristics and talent. You have the greatest responsibility in assisting your kid with their career plans. You do not have to be perfect. You just need to allow your child to be real and to encourage them to stay humble.

You should let your kid freely expand their options and keep their doors of opportunity open. When they get into the entertainment business, they will surely be able to effectively balance their roles as a kid and child actor.



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