3 breasted Woman’s Shocking Story Actually a Hoax?

Criss Angel fanatic, Jasmine Tridevil,  three breasted implants story just might be another internet hoax! The 21 year old therapist from Tampa, Florida, was reported to have spent a whopping $ 20,000 for her additional breast. Her reason as to why she pulled this odd surgical procedure was to get the attention of magician- Criss Angel Criss Angel and the three breasted woman She further stated that she approached a total of 50 doctors to who refused to perform the surgery due to ethical concerns. Tridevil was able to convince one particular doctor to perform the surgery saying that they had formed a confidentiality agreement to never disclose the name. The story eventually went viral when it first broke on September 22nd. Tridevil in fact, even had a Q& A with avid fans as to what her life is like having three breasts. Despite the ongoing craze about a stunt to garner a reality show, here are some major reasons why this out of this world stunt might just be another hoax. Three Breasted woman

1.)    The lack of funds

She said so herself that she is a licensed massage therapist who saved for two years for the surgery. But one video showcases her apparently telling the whole world how she apparently bought tickets for the whole front row of the Criss Angel show. So, where did she get the money to see her idol when she saved for the $ 20,000 when a single Criss Angel ticket would range from $59- $ 130 dollars?

2.)    The operation would be painful and exhaustive

Resident plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman from New York explained how such a boob job is quite impossible and painful. The whole surgical process would involve the use of a “tissue expander” and with require filling it with a kind of solution and is quite exhaustive. The subject will be under constant pain and will undergo multiple surgeries. And the fact that her third breast is separate from her other two is an unlikely result from a reconstruction.

3.)    She isn’t really who she says she is

Her name Jasmine Tridevil is just a pseudonym. In fact, in her website, which is now nonexistent (jasminetridevil.com) is registered under the name of Alisha Hessler. An incident connecting this discovery is how the Tampa International Airport Police Dept., had revealed about a baggage theft that occurred in the airport’s conveyor belt. The complainant was none other than an Alisha Jasmine Hessler who filed a lost baggage report wherein one of the missing items was a three breast prosthetics. Similarly, there was apparent news that Jasmine and Alisha were two different people bearing some striking resemblance with each other.

4.)    Tridevil has a history of making hoaxes 

Tridevil claimed that she was attacked on her way home from a club back in December of 2013. What is strange with the news is that she had apparently told her attacker to wear a dunce cap and hold up a sign saying “I beat women” rather than be handed over to the police. She even “convinced” him to an agreement that she could beat him for 10 minutes. She eventually withdrew her complaint when the police finally asked her for further details about the attack.

5.)    She practically let the cat out of the bag

One reason as to why she could be a hoax is that her nonexistent website then had the line “provider of internet hoaxes since 2014.” Another reason is how a Tampa News 10 Station had personally visited the woman and told her to give the viewers of what her third breast is like. Well, it seems she might’ve revealed a rather strange looking “appendage” that is both shoddily attached and looks far from being human.   Now that her Facebook page has been disabled, Tridevil has been extremely active on her YouTube page. Not only is she giving advice on how to get a job but you can even learn how to open a beer bottle with your breast! (Real or Not)  Tridevil also sits down and answers some questions sent in by her fans. Her third breast (or prosthetic breast?) is visible here in a low cut pink top. She’s also added an exclusive interview where she talks more in depth about her decision to get her strange surgery. Shocking Video:Watch how Jasmine Tridevil describes her devious revenge plan against men.  Read the initial story about her drastic surgery.  Do you think the entire story is a hoax? Let us know in the comments below