15 Ways You Can Make Casting Directors Happy During Acting Auditions

Casting directors are placed in the entertainment industry for several important purposes. The most obvious reason, of course, is to cast talented actors for roles in TV, movie, music video and even internet-based productions during acting auditions. The casting calls, auditions and callbacks being held by these people are quite vital in the process of finding suitable characters to play each and every part or character in any project. You must understand the importance of pleasing these casting directors.  Lots of actors give up on their dreams because they get intimidated by these talent scouts or else because they got rejected so many times. Keep in mind that everything is all work. If you have to get your career on the right track, then you have start preparing yourself in making casting directors happy. Below are steps you can to please casting directors and get more auditions, casting calls and even the roles you want:

1. If you’re asked to come for a casting call, you need to accept the invitation without second thoughts and in a really enthusiastic manner.

2. Behave in a professional manner and present yourself as being there for work and work only. You’re not there to please anyone else but the casting directors and obviously, you are not in the audition venue to get yourself entertained.

3. The moment you walk into the room is the beginning of your audition, so enter with certainty.

4. Give your best shot to make casting directors interested and entertained with your greeting and introduction. The first few minutes of your audition are the most crucial.

5. If you’re in a casting call, you have to leave whatever baggage you have behind the audition venue.

6. Keep your confidence so high that it will seem as if you own not just the stage, but the entire room.

7. Although you will be asked if you have any questions, never in your sound mind ask any. Unless there is a pressing concern that you really need to raise and you can guarantee to yourself that it will not annoy the casting panel, go right ahead.

8. During an audition, you will either be asked to do monologues you’ve prepared or else read directly from the actual script of a film or series you are auditioning for. Learn the script. Do not just read, but understand and portray the character.

9. Show the casting panel that you are really yearning to get the part. Do research of the film or TV project including the storyline, the characters, the setting and other pertinent info.

10. Choices are free during auditions. So, if you want to make the role your own, make sure that you stand by your choice of emotions over it.

11. Do not apologize. Be spontaneous in what you do. If you apologize anywhere in between your lines, you will lose focus.

12. Keep in mind that you’re not there to practice, but to be able to showcase your understanding and acting talent for the particular role that you craved to have.

13. Learn how to do blocking, use some props and do some activity during your audition. Be as creative as you can.

14. Be very versatile in working with the camera. If you need to be still and you can do this, then this can be very helpful.

15. Always appreciate the casting director’s time by saying “thank you”.

Following all these steps is not enough to get you a career in the entertainment industry though. You need to keep on practicing your craft and must not get tired on being part of the auditioning process conducted by the many casting directors in the industry. Casting Director G. Charles Wright shares some additional audition tips: